Brainvire Automates the Sales Funnel of an Infrastructure Solutions Provider in UAE: Boosts Revenue by 34 percent.


About Client

The client is a commercial grade equipment supplier providing inflatables, tables, chairs, party tents, party and inflatable accessories, floor dryers and closeouts. The company has been in business for 25 years. They also sell an entire gamut of inflatables and tents including bounce house inflatables, water slide inflatables, pole tents and frame tents of all sizes.

About Product

The client’s primary requirement was to implement a tailored CRM solution in its Magento 2 backend architecture to help sales representatives close deals faster. It also wanted better ways to standardize sales processes and take advantage of up-to-date data reporting technology. CRM experts incorporated custom functions into the eCommerce site, such as Quote Profit, and filtered emails so that the sales team could get better visibility into the existing ROI and plan ahead.

How we did it ?


Profitability Improved by 30%

The CRM solution helped sales representatives to forecast the costs associated with a quote and optimize it, thus improving the net profits.

Streamlined Sales Process

The sales team can view emails that are specific to a given customer and follow-up quickly without any hassles.

Multi-Store Pricing

Sales representatives can customize the quotes for multiple websites and deliver accurate product pricing information to end customers.

Improvement in Employee Productivity

The sales team can filter out customer-specific emails and send them customized quotes with minimal effort.

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