CRM and Ecommerce Integration to Activate Business Growth for Furniture Manufacturer

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About Client

The client is one of the leading and high-end furniture retailers tagged as Made in the USA. With a wide range of products and established customer base, the client wanted to enhance business productivity by combining offline and online sales processes for their sales representatives. They wanted to integrate the existing SAP ERP to CRM to execute strategies that help in retention of customers as well as driving customer base along with providing a one-step solution for internal employees.

About Product

The CRM implementation focuses the practices, strategies, and technologies that used to manage customer interactions and customer data. Right from the order management to the enhanced internal communication, CRM also provides improved analytical data and processing. Categorizing business information and sales management, the system can identify the prospective customer that can be converted with proper planning. Overall, CRM aims to cultivate the customer relationship for the business by taking care of customer transactions, preferences, needs, and requirements.

How we did it ?

We implemented popular SuiteCRM with customized procedures and effectual functions. It is a community version of SugarCRM. SuiteCRM is an efficient, powerful and flexible tool that provides automated actions to establish a robust customer base. SuiteCRM is used and trusted by world’s largest organizations to handle massive customer transactions that can be resulted in increased business growth. We synched product, orders, customers, and quotes and facilitated it with standard sales pipeline process. We also integrated client’s SAP system to Magento and synched the Magento data with SAP system. Magento SAP integration also helped to track end-to-end order processing which ultimately results in modeling business processes.


As the client is one of the premier furniture retailers, they’re dealing with the largest customer base. To manage a wide range of products according to the requirement, it was quite harder to migrate all the data into the CRM with great efficiency.


To address this challenge, our team of proficient developers has created different API’s for product add/update and customer add/update. With vast experience of the Brainvire development team, APIs developed are strong enough to reflect the real time synchronization in product and customer module. This also facilitated for comprehensive inventory management and lead to efficient and successful migration of inventory details.


With a wide assortment of office furniture, classroom furniture, and computer racks, the clients are having Government and Non-government both type of customers in their customer base. They also have quantity based discount schemes that specifically designed for particular account type. The challenge was to fulfill the specific requirement in CRM with the predefined regulation.


With the accurate and efficient programming techniques, our developers have crafted the desired solution for the client. The team separately managed both accounts in CRM with Magento to CRM mapping. This helped the client to have greater accuracy in managing the order for specific account type. The system automatically identifies and trigger the discount rules based on the placed order. So without any manual checkup, the system ensures comprehensive management of orders and related discounts.


One of the client’s requirements involves a feature where the client can switch from CRM to Magento while placing the order.


For this challenge, we came up with the solution to redirect the sales representative from CRM to Magento, auto logged in as a customer and placed the order on behalf of the customer directly. This ensures foolproof order placing by using Magento online payment system.


As the client is dealing with a wide range of products, it was tough to categorize and place a different type of product integrations on CRM. it was a bit harder to carefully manage the different product integrations on CRM as per the client’s requirements.


Our development team categorized product into simple, configurable, bundled types according to diverse client requirements and existing structure on Magento. We also ensured that if there is any accessory associated with a product then it would be available while placing the order on Magento. This entire process gives an easy and accurate flow for sales representatives to prepare any quote on CRM.


  • 1
    Separated Sales Channel

    With the modular approach, it becomes easier to distinguish in variety of customer requirements for both online and offline sales

  • 2
    Streamlined Business Processes

    Due to efficient CRM implementation, all transactions, requirements, and customer interactions managed well.

  • 3
    Efficient Order Automation

    Tracking of end-to-end order processing and automated task resulted in increased order and sales

  • 4
    Amplified Revenue Generation

    With an identification of prospective customers and simplified business processes, business opportunities are increased and thereby improved ROI.

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