Digital Revitization with Tailor-made CRM and Autoline ERP Integration for Middle East’s Automobile Giant

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About Client

Based in Saudi Arabia, the client is a top-notch automotive dealer for Ford and Lincoln cars. The client wants to achieve reliable sales and revenue while improving the operational workflows significantly. They also want to provide satisfying car-related services to their customers and increase their reach comprehensively.

About Product

The development team designed a tailor-made CRM with Autoline ERP integration to significantly improve marketing, sales, and support departments for the client. Our experts implemented automated, intuitive features in the system. Autoline ERP integration streamlined the operational workflows and resulted in increased sales and productivity.

How we did it ?


The Salesforce system had certain limitations and failed to provide much-needed customer information.


Experts introduced the customer 360-view model in the CRM system. This model helped the client gain essential customer details and provide personalized offers accordingly.


The new-gen system required a new database.


The IT team surveyed different databases which can be an ideal choice and eventually incorporated the proven MS-SQL database.


To improve the capabilities of the sales team, the client wanted an effective CRM system.


Our IT specialists proposed development of a custom CRM system with Autoline ERP integration. This helped the client leverage the benefits of automated workflow for their sales, marketing, and support cycles. Besides, this tailored system helped save the heavy licensing costs.


The client required SMS plug-ins in the new CRM system.


The team integrated Twilio SMS APIs and customized it to enable effective integration. This integration allowed the sales team to communicate efficiently.


  • 1
    Long-term customer bonds

    The team integrated the system with SMS and WhatsApp utilities for continuous, quick communication. This helped the client build long-term relationships with their customers, concentrate on their preferences, and make effective recommendations.

  • 2
    Internal transparency

    With the new CRM system, there was improved transparency in the business activities. The team benefitted from quick communication, which resulted in manifold productivity.

  • 3
    Automated workflow

    We carried out digital transformation for the client systems and subsequently implemented automated features that offered better work capabilities. The swift and personalized Ticket generation, Lead validation, Auto lead assignment, and many support-sales features streamlined the client’s workflows.

  • 4
    Increased productivity and revenue

    The next-generation CRM solution enhanced the productivity and sales, while generating significant revenue for the client.

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