CRM Solution That Activates Flawless Communication for a Telecom Market Leader

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About Client

This telecom firm is a well-known entity in the US. They aim to provide quality and extraordinary services to their customers. The firm wants to offer unique and customer-friendly services to its audience. They wanted an advanced technological solution that can enhance their services.

About Product

Based on the client’s request, AuroCRM implemented CRM and Cloud integration to ease communication internally and externally. With this integration, the client can manage all telecom services from a single system. They have a better command over business activities, tap the right audience, understand their requirements, and reach them effortlessly.

How we did it ?

Customer retention rate


The team analyzed the existing system and then proposed the right solution.


The team noticed that communication caused multiple hindrances internally and externally. The team updated the website with CRM and Cloud integration to resolve communication issues.


The use of outdated technology restricted the client’s growth.


With a smart integration, the AuroCRM team improved the client’s technical capabilities. They can now offer better services to customers.


Switching between systems was a daunting experience for the client.


The IT hub unified all systems and facilitated a single solution that can overlook all activities.


There was a need to introduce fresh VOIP-related services.


The team researched the latest VOIP-services and introduced the best ones on the platform.


  • 1
    Uniform platform

    Earlier, the client wasted a significant amount of time in swapping systems. With CRM and Cloud integration, they now have a robust single unit that can provide them all the required business information.

  • 2
    Better Communication

    With the smart integration, the client witnessed a prominent positive change in the communication internally and externally.

  • 3
    Improved user experience

    The successful integration of CRM and Cloud along with the implementation of advanced services improved user experience. Customers received better services as compared to the competition.

  • 4
    Augmented customer base

    All the technological advancements resulted in significant growth in the customer base.

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