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A Glance at Customer Statistics Features

Lead Score

Know which sales lead is hot using lead ratings. The score leads are based on their attributes and behavior, so you know which leads are close to a sale and which ones need to be nurtured.

Auto-profile Enrichment

No more manual data entry with AuroCRM. When a lead is added to the sales CRM, their social profile information and photo will be updated in their profile automatically.

Event Tracking

Track the web pages your prospects visit, and how they interact with your product. Leverage these experiences by learning and acknowledging the trajectory of your lead for smart conversations.

Activity Timeline

Get a chronological timeline view of the behavior of each lead, so that the sales team can select the right moments and close deals more quickly.

Email Tracking

Get the opportunity to monitor messages. Email clicks allow you to plan your next conversation with your customers. Get updates even when you're on the go.

Behavior-based Segmentation

Segment leads and personalize your discussions with them. Prioritize leads based on the actions they take on the website and in your product.

Make Data-driven Decisions based on Customer Insights

What Can You Do With Customer Statistics?

Capture Leads

  • AuroCRM lets you find prospective leads from multiple places. Eliminate lead leakage from both online and offline platforms by catching leads.

Distribute Leads

  • You can track your leads and analyze when to send your next communication. Reduce response time by automating the distribution of leads to appropriate salespersons.

Qualify and Prioritize Leads

  • Track lead behavior and classify them according to their place in the sales funnel. Qualify your leads and prioritize them based on their profile, activity, and behavior.

Catch Sales Signals

  • Find which leads are hot and which still require nurturing. Catch signals from various networks automatically to classify leads that are ready to convert.

Find Opportunities with Leads

Track your current customers to find ways to upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Find loyal customers that are more likely to buy from you.

Regimented Follow-up

AuroCRM provides the much-needed insights for salespeople to stay on top of leads. Make sure the salespeople never miss a task-automation follow-up.

Benefits Of Customer Insights

Streamline The Sales Process

  • Remove the whole clutter from the work field for your salesperson. Promote efficiency by clearly showing them the relevant leads

Complete Lead Tracking

  • Track any contact your leads have with your website, forums, telephony, chat systems and salespeople in a clean and unique way

Sales Automation

  • Automate all of your repetitive tasks with sales automation such as lead assignment, daily status checks, and meeting reminders.

Gather Data From Multiple Systems

  • Collate your organizational data with your CRM data. Gain on-demand access to critical insights wherever and whenever you need.

See and Understand your Data

  • Get simple visualizations that render easily digestible snapshots of the most complex data. 

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