Ecommerce CRM helped Prominent Homeopathic Healthcare Brand to Grow

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About Client

The client is one of the prominent companies in the homeopathic product manufacturing industry. It has a series of products based on the 100% natural and plant-based formula. Presently, it has a big customer base in Australia and it is trying to make its products available in other countries. This company had chosen Auro CRM to manage its interactions with potential customers and the relevant data from regular communications.

About Product

Auro CRM is an open-source software application with a user-friendly interface and advanced reporting. It has an advanced automated technology that ensures the best solution to manage customer relationships and engage more customers. Moreover, this versatile tool helps in maintaining a big customer base. The customer data analysis process has become easily manageable with Auro CRM.

How we did it ?

Customer retention rate


The client has found it challenging to deal with its two business platforms. Everything was in a mess.


Our IT specialists had worked together to find out the best way of managing their official business sites. Finally, they had integrated Auro CRM to simplify the store management process. Auro CRM had provided our client with an insightful visual sales funnel. Ultimately, the client replaced the old spreadsheets with these innovative systems.


The client has found a decline in the customer retention rate.


As we have implemented Auro CRM, the client found it easy to identify loyal customers. With rewards and discounts on deals, the client had retained almost 98% of its customers. Moreover, Auro CRM has also helped the manufacturing company to attract new customers.


The client was looking for the best solution for successful email marketing.


Initially, the client did not notice any good results from its email marketing campaign. However, after installing our CRM system, he had effectively made a segmentation of potential customers. By sending customized emails with ready-made templates, the client had found high responses from the email recipients. Moreover, our CRM also helped them with email analytics.


As the client had already created a big customer base, it found some issues in managing regular communications.


Auro CRM had become the ultimate solution to manage the communication process effectively. It helped the client’s in-house team to track customers’ contact details, emails and deals. The team could easily view the customers’ contact details and make sales calls. Thus, the contact history had become effortlessly manageable to the client.


  • 1
    Increase in the repeat deals

    The client had noticed an increase in the number of returning customers. Due to the perfect management of loyal customers, the client had successfully gained the trust of most of its customers. Thus, Auro CRM had eliminated the risk of a reducing sales rate of the company.

  • 2
    Fewer complaints

    The client had found a reduction in the number of complaints. As Auro CRM had solved the communication problem, it had a positive effect on the company’s reputation. The SMS integration and proper management of customers’ contact details had made the campaign successful.

  • 3
    Easy data management

    Before the implementation of our CRM, the client faced issues in dealing with the disorganized data. However, Auro CRM has become a centralized platform where he could find all the relevant data. The clear presentation of data and detail analytics in our software had removed the complications.

  • 4
    Higher email open rates

    Without personalization, there is a very low chance of getting responses from email recipients. Auro CRM helped our client to customize every email template based on the needs. That is why the client had found an increase in the email open rate.

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