Here are the Frequently Asked Questions from all over the globe !

  • Can I access AURO CRM in the Mobile?

    • Yes, Auro CRM is completely Mobile-responsive and you can access it from any mobile device.
  • Can I Customize AURO CRM without needing a developer to improve business relevance?

    • With Auro CRM you can easily create unlimited Email Templates, create whole new Module, Create Reports and schedule according to your needs or automated complete system by creating multiple workflows. You do not need to code anything or need any specialized developer for the same.
  • “CRM for Commerce” means Can I place the order & get invoice for the same?

    • Yes, you can directly convert a Quote to Order from CRM. Its invoice will be auto- generated and linked to the same order and Quote.
  • What means “no fees no subscription”? Is it completely free or do I need to pay one-time installation cost?

    • You need to pay for one-time installation only. If you have any specific requirement where customization is required then separate cost is attached with it. Else, all the features are absolutely free.
  • Does it offer multi-lingual support?

    • Yes. Further if you need more languages which are not available in Auro CRM then system can be customized accordingly.
  • Does AURO CRM work with outlook or Gmail?

    • Yes, the Auro CRM by default works with Gmail and for Outlook an excellent plugin is integrated with CRM. Auro CRM even has its own Email Module that gives you information of collaboration with each of your customers.
  • Is there any upgradation system of AURO CRM like version 1.0, 1.0.1 or something? And if it is upgradable then is there any fees for the same?

    • There are no such upgrades, we keep adding latest features that fit the Market and most of it are free of cost. In some cases, where features need to be customized according to your business requirement then we will do the needful.
  • What is the difference between on – premise and cloud-based CRM?

    • If you host CRM in a specific location where people who are only in that location can access the CRM, in Cloud the solution is public and any one on internet can access the CRM who have credentials. Auro CRM can be hosted on Premise or on Cloud, based on your requirement.
  • Can I import data to AURO CRM?

    • Yes, you can import data to Auro CRM in CSV file format.
  • What are different integrations being available in the AURO CRM?

    • Auro CRM is open source and can be integrated with almost every platform that allows to share its API. Here are some of the integrations available –
      • Integration with Magento
      • Integration with SAP
      • Integration with ODOO ERP
      • Integration with Google and Outlook

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