A Seamless Integration Between SuiteCRM and Jive-Based VOIP for Global Parts


About Client

The client is an established entity as one of the oldest and biggest aftermarket parts liquidators in Canada, US, and rest of the countries. They offer overstock liquidation and stock lift services to several major auto parts and accessories manufacturers in the automotive market. The client approached AuroCRM’s experts to optimize the productivity of their sales team.

About Product

Our specialists initiated and successfully executed an integration between SuiteCRM and Jive-based VOIP. This integration helped the client maintain records of the sales team activities. The CRM can save and record all the calls that sales reps made to the customers from the CRM. All these calls and the related information can be used for reporting purposes in the future.

How we did it ?


The client wanted an integration that allowed their sales team to make calls from the CRM directly.


The tech experts accomplished this requirement successfully. With the help of the dialer and CRM system, the sales reps can make calls to several customers quite quickly.


The client had a special request to introduce web-socket connectivity.


The tech team took note of this requirement and ensured a successful implementation of the same. With this connectivity, the sales team can be enhanced.


The client didn’t want to compromise on data security standards.


The IT experts introduced a secure medium through which the sales team can make innumerable calls to their customers. The call logs are saved and recorded in the CRM.


The need for improved connectivity for direct calls from the CRM.


The API connectivity empowers the dialer and CRM makes provision for direct calls from the SuiteCRM.


  • 1
    Better efficiency

    The integrated VOIP calling abilities has amplified the productivity of the sales team as they can make uninterruptible calls from the CRM in a hassle-free manner.

  • 2
    SuiteCRM for direct calls

    With the Jive-based VOIP integration into the CRM system, the sales team no longer has to waste time on lengthy dated processes to make calls. Instead, they can simply go to the dashboard and make quick calls to their innumerable customers.

  • 3
    Dialer’s integration with SuiteCRM

    The tech professionals understood the bottlenecks and integrated the dialer with SuiteCRM. This way, the sales reps can make calls to several customers within a few clicks.

  • 4
    Stores Call Logs

    This integration also helps save and record customer calls. The team can obtain vital customer information through these calls and customize strategies accordingly. This also helps enhance the reporting process.

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