In this era of digital transformation, most business enterprises are looking to take customer experience to the next level. Fortunately, the evolution of customer relationship management or CRM has given the right impetus to organizations to reach the right set of customers.

Let’s have a glance at a few important CRM-based statistics.

  • Forbes indicates that the current market value of CRM is projected at $120 billion.
  • Another research website says that the CRM software market is one of the fastest booming sectors, which is expected to reach up to $80 billion by 2025.
  • Nucleus Research Report informs us that 65% of the companies using mobile CRM have successfully achieved their sales quota.
  • CRM software is considered one of the most potent tools that help in lead generation and engagement.

Before we highlight the top 5 CRM software features that you need to implement in 2020, let’s have a brief discussion on the major CRM software benefits-

Benefits of CRM Software

An effective customer relationship management software always takes your business in the right direction. CRM software plays a vital role in improving and managing customer interactions, providing customer support, and building a strong reliable relationship.  The major benefits include- 

  • Automation to streamline the business process

CRM software makes use of automated workflows and processes to streamline business operations including sales and marketing. It also helps users to synchronize information across multiple devices. In addition, it enhances coordination between various teams.

  • Get Access to Customer Data

Data is the most crucial asset today that companies leverage on. CRM offers important databases allowing organizations to access updated customer and client information anytime, anywhere.

  • Getting Actionable Insights

CRM software makes use of business and sales analytics to generate real-time actionable insights. This also helps enterprises build customized dashboards and reports based on customer data. You can segregate your customers depending on the reports.

Top Features of CRM Software

Accessing customer information through mobile

We have already indicated that 65% of the companies have started mobile CRM software implementation. A report suggests that 78% of the enterprises failed to accomplish their target due to the non-usage of CRM software. 

Let’s see how mobile CRM software is exponentially helping companies to flourish.  

  • Mobile CRM software has led to a 74% increase in customer satisfaction due to swift responses.
  • It has lead to a boost in sales and employee productivity up to 87%. 
  • An increment of 73% in the business process efficiency. 

One of the biggest advantages of mobile CRM software is that it allows organizations to work from remote locations. This means that you can add and access data from anywhere.

The CRM software is further armed with SaaS and AI technology that revolutionizes the customer experience.

Robust and Reliable Security 

Of late, most clients have shown great concerns over their data security. The CRM software database stores the magnitude of valuable data that needs to be protected well over time.

CRM software has become much more advanced in 2020 by following strict measures to prevent data loss. It provides the option of data recovery in case of an outraged attack.

Simplified Integration and Usage

Gone are the days when integrating and using the CRM software was considered to be a complex affair. Today CRM software is known for its ease-of-use. It means your employees will easily learn how to use the software and enjoy using it.

If we talk about its positive impact, then software has allowed the implementation of the BYOD technique and has incorporated social media in CRM. It has increased employee productivity by almost 26%.

Furthermore, it has enabled companies to create in-house training programs and speeds up tasks.

The option of customization

You must know that one CRM software does not fit the requirements of all business organizations.

With the customization benefit, CRM software has become much more flexible to suit specific needs. It provides comprehensive support in incorporating the business process so that you get full value for the investment.

For instance, you can create a customized dashboard and contact fields. Additionally, you can add advanced features such as building the lists and qualifying.

Synchronization with marketing software

Business organizations often face the challenge of integrating with marketing software and other third-party apps. Marketing automation software seamlessly integrates with advanced CRM.

The CRM software will provide access to all your sales and marketing information in real-time. It means that you do not have to continuously flip back and again between the screens.

The introduction of advanced CRM software also puts you in the driving seat. It becomes much easier to deal with sales and marketing leads as everything is synced. 

Ending note

As we move forward, it has become pivotal to use upgraded CRM software that can scale up your business. If you are looking for CRM software to put your business in a commanding position, get in touch with a free demo today!