Best CRM for Ecommerce Business

CRM for Commerce Features in AuroCRM

Seamless Functionality

Access your essential business information with eCommerce CRM such as marketing analytics, customer data, and account information from a centralized dashboard.

Capture Crucial Leads

Automatically transfer your potential lead’s contact information to the system and
use it to craft marketing campaigns.

Account Activity Monitoring

Understand the actions taken by your users by accessing the account in CRM and use it to reinforce the relationship.

After Sales Assistance

Quickly access the order details of your consumers in CRM and offer them top-quality
post-transaction customer service.

Sales Analysis

Track your entire sales process with CRM for Commerce and get insights into every stage, from inventory management to account balancing.

Manage Your Invoice

Automatically generate invoices and minimize the perils of errors with a systematic CRM platform for eCommerce business.

Explore & Get To Know Your Customers With CRM for Ecommerce

Advantages of CRM for Commerce

Enhanced Sales Performance
  • The eCommerce CRM platform offers complete access to customer information such as previous order details, types of products viewed, and order payment methods. This helps your sales team to improve their performance and upsell efficiently.
Reduced Data-Entry Typos
  • By integrating eCommerce business with a CRM platform, you can get rid of manual data-entry errors and typos. It will also help you keep customer loyalty and your sales intact.
Improved Business Efficiency
  • Integrate eCommerce business with CRM and experience a synchronized and streamlined transfer of essential data. You can also monitor your order fulfillment process and improve the overall business performance.
Inventory Management & Forecasting
  • By integrating eCommerce CRM, access complete data on the most sought-after products in your shop. It will also offer you real-time sales insights so that you can manage and forecast your inventory with ease.

Additional CRM For Ecommerce Features

Online User Engagement
  • Use CRM for Commerce platform to display relevant products on the screen and ask for product feedback, as this helps improve a customer’s online engagement.
Faster Integration
  • Embed your applications and automate other essential customer information in one dashboard with eCommerce CRM.
Sales Metrics
  • Get real-time data about your customer’s shopping behavior and accordingly enhance your sales process.
Automate Marketing Activities
  • Using the eCommerce CRM platform, automate all the crucial activities of your digital marketing campaigns.

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