The Complete Sales CRM Toolkit

Build your sales pipeline, engage your leads, and close the deal, with confidence  


Keep the communication going

With all your communication tools in one place, and always in sync, you will never miss a step, or skip a beat.

Utilize personal and shared calendars to manage and schedule upcoming meetings, calls, tasks which can be viewed in the customer profile. Notes about meetings can be updated within the customer profile.

Effective meetings calendars for organizing, scheduling, recording, and documenting meetings with your customers and leads that saves time.

Automated e-mail sending and tracking to shorten response times and to ensure that e-mails are followed up with appropriate modes of communication. Keep a record of all emails sent to and from customers.

Automate, record, and monitor inbound and outbound calls. Immediate access to a customer’s information, including prior communications such as incoming and outgoing calls, e-mail, exchanged documents, and so on, in order to conduct a productive follow-up call.

Organise for success

Streamline your sales activities by gathering, organizing, and managing customer information in one location.

Our multi-capability project module assists users in all phases of project development, including planning, execution, and analysis. Improving estimation, scheduling, and costing accuracy.

Organize, schedule, and manage project activities by tracking and monitoring assigned tasks and allocated resources.

Maximize team performance and boost productivity by assigning the right tasks to the right person, set completion time, deadlines and distribute work across team members.

Using 360-Degree Customer View, the user can view scheduled meetings in the customer profile. To document more detailed information for meetings with the client, quick notes about meetings can be added to the customer profile, and forms can be filled out.

Energise your sales funnel

Energise your sales funnel

Capture, track and nurture leads as they move through your sales pipeline

All contact data of customers, prospects, leads, and clients can be stored and accessed on a single platform, relieving your team of manual data entry.

Filter your lead database, identify qualifying potential leads with various lead scoring approaches, and forward them to the sales team.

Opportunities need your prime attention.  With Auro CRM you can pull together all the data you need to quantify your sales targets, and make the winning pitch.

Keep important docs handy

Store and start sharing articles, customer data, documents, contracts, and other information in a secure and centralized location that can be accessed at any time and from any location.

Create quotations, attach price list and product catalogues, and send them to specific contacts from the sales CRM.

Track customer service agreement with automated contract generator which allows you to manage Contracts and renewal dates.

Choose from our extensive library of templates to quickly generate quotations and sales orders, which can then be converted into invoices once the client accepts the quotation.

Keep important docs handy

Automate Your Sales Workflows

Re-engage with cold leads with automated messages. Send automated reminders to your warm leads. Send a quick first response when a lead reaches out to you. Get notified when a lead shows interest. Automatically prioritise your leads so that you are always focused on leads that are most likely to convert.

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"We implemented CRM in less than one month, and 70 of our people started using it. Its sales automation helped us increase efficiency by 12% and close multiple deals. We were able to integrate with Autoline and get the real time inventory details."

– Mohammad Abdul Quadar, IT Manager, Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies

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