The Go-to Solution to Streamline Your Sales Funnel!

The Go-to Solution to Streamline Your Sales Funnel!

Sales Features AuroCRM Offers

Manage Leads

Keep a track of all of your crucial leads generated till date in a systematic manner

Ocean of Opportunities

Grabbing an opportunity at the right moment is crucial. So, be informed about such developments with CRM.

Quotes at a Glance

Manage all the quotes given to prospective clients.

Orders at a Glance

Track all your orders with ease.

Invoices at a Glance

All invoices managed at a single location, for quick reference.

Manage your Projects

A detailed overview of your project to gauge its progress.

Monitor your Sales Progress

selling and negotiation
Sales data

Integration with Magento Sales CRM Features

Auto Generation of Quote
  • If a cart abandon on website then quote auto generated on CRM
Optimization of Lead Generation, Sales, and Marketing
  • Identify customers that are most likely to convert. Optimize your sales process by prioritizing customers and customer segments.
Give Discounts, mark shipping charges
  • You can give discounts and mark shipping charges in your quotes as well, it will be auto added in product total cost during purchase on website.
A more Personalized Customer Experience on Magento Store
  • Understanding and knowing your customers is the pillar that keeps your eCommerce store afloat and integrating a CRM solution with your Magento fortifies this pillar for maximum support.

Purchase on behalf of customers

With integration of Magento You can directly purchase the products on behalf of your customers from CRM itself. You’ll redirect to website shopping cart page with auto customer login from where you can purchase the products

Integration with Other Platforms

We can also integrate CRM with SAP, Google apps and ODOO ERP

Value Added Sales CRM Features

Create task and assign to your sales rep
  • You can create a task of meeting scheduled or any other activity and assign to sales rep who will den follow-up for it
Monitor assigned tasks
  • You can track what tasks are done and pending assigned to sales rep
Schedule Meetings and send Email to customer
  • Send Email, Schedule meeting, Invite unlimited users in meeting and Receive meeting reminders
Take Notes
  • Take notes of each meeting done.
  • Track invalid email id’s


A good CRM software enables workflow automation, third party integrations, real time analysis and customer interactions, all in one place. A preferred choice in the market, AuroCRM offers customizable solutions to enhance your customer experience.
The sales process is not limited to the selling of goods and services. It involves pitching customers and multiple interactions with them during and after the sale. An effective tool like AuroCRM enables you to organize customer information, manage sales pipeline, and improve customer satisfaction, thus enhancing growth prospects.
Timely reports on sales related activities allows tracking and helps crucial decision making. With AuroCRM, generate detailed sales activity reports using helpful metrics, organize them, share it in multiple formats and utilize them to power critical decision making.
Sales translates to networking, innumerable contacts, scheduling pitches and follow ups. AuroCRM acts as a single source for all customer information. Manage contacts, schedule meetings, track progress, and improve sales performance in a cost-effective way with AuroCRM.
CRM stands for customer relationship management. It is a system that uses automation to help sales representatives track leads, pursue them, analyze progress and achieve their sales targets in a streamlined and timely manner.
The goal of sales CRM is to drive sales, improve customer service and increase customer retention. With AuroCRM automate your sales and customer support tasks to build strong customer relationships, reduce costs and promote business growth.

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