Experience Marketing Automation at Its Best with AuroCRM!

Experience Marketing Automation at Its Best with Auro CRM!

Marketing Features AuroCRM Offers

SMS Marketing

Follow-up with potential customers using the traditional method of communication

Email Marketing

Send instant email(s) or schedule them to be sent later

Non email Marketing

Enter details of any promotional event(s) organised into the CRM

Survey Marketing

Let customers fill out product feedback surveys and build the trust

Newsletter Marketing

Tell your target audience about the latest happenings in your firm

Lead Generation via Web Forms

Integrate the CRM with exclusive APIs to generate leads

Get to Know Your Campaign Performance With Marketing CRM Features

marketing Campaign

Open and Clicks

Number of recipients who opened the campaigns, Who are the recipients and Number of clicks on the link

Automated Bounce Handling

Number of Emails/SMS Bounced and Track invalid email id’s

Opted out and Converted to leads

Number of recipients opted out campaigns and Number of leads generated from successful campaigns

Tracking Your Recipient Activity

You can view response of your customers for email and SMS camapigns directly on CRM. This will ensure you will be in check how your campaigns is popular and approched by customers.

Mail chimp Integration

We provide integration with Mail chimp free of cost, client just need to provide a registered mail chimp account details. The integration with CRM make sure all Bulk emails sending directly goes to user inbox instead of Spams.

Value Added Features

Our defined workflow ensures that campaigns do not interfere each other and run independently at whatever time they scheduled. All campaigns put in a queue and runs in first in and first out basis avoiding any conflicts in two campaigns.

Auto Queue Scheduling of campaigns

You can easily create multiple target lists according to various situations such as location/possible revenue amount/priority etc and we can definetly customize for anything you want further this list can be direcly used in campaigns.To make it more impactfull you use pre-defined email an SMS templates to send to users in campaigns.


CRM enables entrepreneurs to harness customer data to enhance their marketing efforts. With customer information at your fingertips, AuroCRM offers several marketing tools to channelize messages in an efficient way and create personalized experiences to drive customer engagement.
A customer relationship management tool, AuroCRM provides centralized access to all your customer information. It automates tedious sales and marketing tasks, which enables teams to focus on building relationships by directing messages in time for an improved customer experience and profitability.
Knowledge about existing and potential customers is crucial for marketing success. With CRM, collect and organize crucial customer data, conduct surveys, automate marketing tasks and track campaign performance. Marketers can use this wealth of data to strategise smartly, improve reach, drive customer satisfaction and promote business growth.
Around 2.5 billion people use email and the number is increasing. Email marketing remains one of the most popular means of communication to reach a wide number of prospects. AuroCRM provides email marketing integration with Mail chimp. Schedule and send bulk emails directly to their inbox and ensure campaign success.
Email marketing automation is a growing trend that enables businesses to take advantage of critical customer data, segmentation, personalization and cross channel marketing to drive email marketing campaigns to success. With progressive marketing integrations like Mail chimp, AuroCRM helps helps your business stay ahead of the curve.
SMS remains a preferred choice to communicate discounts, promotions, added services, updates, and other critical information to customers. Thanks to their high open and response rates. With AuroCRM, follow up with potential customers using eye catching SMS templates, track clicks, view responses, and review campaign performance to benefit from this traditional marketing medium.
AuroCRM provides important customer information in real time to channelize your marketing messages in the right direction. In addition to that, it provides vital information about campaign performance. Tracking views, clicks, shares and leads allows you to make timely decisions to tweak existing campaigns or create better marketing campaigns.
CRM provides a wealth of information about your target audience. With information on existing and active customers, new customers, potential leads and prospects, you can create targeted, personalized campaigns. With real-time updates about your campaigns, you can make timely changes to increase the chance of success and get better ROI.

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