Bring Home New Clients with Real-Estate CRM Software

Bring Home New Clients with Real-Estate CRM Software

Glance at Our Real Estate CRM Features

Organize and Convert Leads in One Place

Do not allow your leads to slip under the radar by forgetting to follow up. Bring them into AuroCRM and line them up in one place. Keep track of your inbound leads, and quickly convert them before they leave you behind. Generate leads from web forms, website live chats, social media, or business cards. Drive them into your Auro CRM sales funnel for quicker management.

Close Deals On-the-Go

Automatically add incoming or new leads on Auro CRM by scanning QR codes or business cards. You can even do it in different languages. The Card Scanner app allows you to schedule follow-ups. It uses pre-built email templates so you don't have to wait to return to prospects. The mobile app from Auro CRM also gives you real-time sales performance reports schedule and log in meetings, add follow-up tasks, and find nearby prospects while you're on the move.

Enjoy the Benefits of Automated Outreach

To drive the leads forward in the sales cycle, put the outreach on autopilot and follow-up in real-time. To improve relationships with your customers, use the advantages of automation. Auro CRM will send automatic emails and texts on special occasions to cultivate strong connections.

Connect Seamlessly with Powerful Integrations

Manage the entire sales process from a single interface using the Auro CRM. With free integrations, you can get a consolidated view of the availability, address, home value, comparable homes, and estimates of any property from within Auro CRM. The automatic click-to-call feature allows you to choose from multiple telephony providers to connect with customers.

Easy Invoicing and Billing

By allowing the team to build and store quotations, invoices, price books, and bills in their account, Auro CRM helps you complete the sales cycle. We use effective inventory management tools to handle all your post-sales processes, and distribute your quotes and invoices via personalized email and invoice templates to prospects.

Calendar View to Complete Tasks

You need to perform a wide range of tasks when closing a buyer or seller. Most of these things are often skipped because of a lengthy to-do list, which affects the relationships with potential buyers or sellers. Avoid this by having a calendar view of all of your activities. Check which tasks are completed and which require your attention immediately.

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We Work For

  • Our state-of-the-art technology is a winning combination when connected to your expertise. Kill the confusion and uncertainty with reports & dashboards that provide in-depth analytics. The configurability of Auro CRM helps us to expand our real estate CRM as your brokerage expands.
  • With Auro CRM, you get direct updates on every action on your listings. The unified platform provides quotes, queries, and comparisons on your property. You can stay in contact with prospective buyers within Auro CRM itself.
  • Unite your team around a framework that builds more collaboration and better customer relations. Create interactive websites that drive more leads. Many marketing tools such as mass emailing, drip promotions, and branded templates improve your efforts to automate campaigns while saving time.
  • Agents prefer Auro CRM to focus on meaningful client interactions and quicker lead conversions. With smart tools such as lead generation, action plans, and back-office features, agents find Auro CRM most appealing.

Real-Estate CRM Software Highlights

Sales Pipeline
  • Your business needs a CRM sales pipeline to keep track of all sales transactions in its life cycle. Once you win new clients, the team can use our CRM every day to push the deals across different stages. You can connect and delegate deals and events to our CRM, and monitor them. This helps to productively plan your day so you can focus on priorities like showing properties, nurturing leads, and making sales.
Contact Management
  • Whether it is a buyer or a seller, find the contact information streamlined in one place. Prioritize communications, nurture relationships and optimize sales performance by systematizing and structuring all of your contact data at an organized place. Auro CRM Contact Management helps you give complete attention to your customers.
Workflow Automation
  • Place most of the repetitive tasks on autopilot, such as following up with customers and assigning tasks to real estate agents. Eliminate manual tasks, and concentrate on closing further deals using Auro’s process automation. For more time to close more deals and nurture relationships, let your CRM conduct manual tasks.
Built-in Calling and Texting
  • Avoid unwanted calls with a built-in virtual phone system on your private number, and give a business number to buyers or sellers. The built-in virtual phone system from Auro CRM allows you to keep in touch with your contacts via call or texts to ensure seamless communication. Make and receive more sales calls from Auro with one click, and stay in touch with your customers.

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