Take Your Retail Business To New Heights with Retail CRM

Take Your Retail Business To New Heights with Retail CRM

Glance at Our Retail CRM Features

Personalized Shopping Experience

A retail store allows customers to physically see and feel products. Services like personal shopping assistance and instant gratification of purchasing are added perks. But we live in a growing online community where shoppers like to search your website before they come to your store to make their purchases. Retail businesses need to learn what their consumers are doing online. Auro tackles these problems and provides important and deeper perspectives on customer behavior.

Omnichannel View of Customers

You get a 360-degree omnichannel view of each customer so you can provide personalized service, establish customer loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage with your brand. Get full insight into all the purchases and interactions made online, in-store, and on-call center. Create loyalty for consumers by targeting the right customer with the right product at the right time. Develop rich customer profiles based on habits and experiences that sales associates, marketing, and service workers can access.

Centralized Order Management

Meet customer expectations of purchasing, delivering, and returning anywhere while optimizing productivity. The centralized order management gives a single view of inventory across all the channels and the supply chain. Auro Order Management offers the ability to meet and surpass rising customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment while improving productivity and inventory management. Reduce over-inventories, catch lost sales, and develop the most profitable products for your company.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Auro CRM helps you to monitor your entire retail business with key metrics so that you can make accurate, fact-based decisions with the analysis of the dashboard and retail reporting. All data can be interpreted as key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical snapshots of results, trend maps, and KPI scorecards in real-time. You can trust a single version of the truth with all data residing in a single source, across all networks. Make quick decisions with role-based dashboards about channels, inventory, suppliers, and customers.

Identifying Loyal Customers

Loyal customers undoubtedly spend more than new ones. Nearly every retailer has a loyalty or reward program which encourages brand loyalty and brand awareness. Then again, retailers are struggling to distinguish loyal customers from the rest, because they don't have a record or the resources they need. Aurum Makes it easy to recognize and even reward your most loyal customers, so that you can improve the way you serve them. The CRM helps you to concentrate your selling efforts on consumers who are more likely to buy

Financial Management

Streamline financial processes and planning, and enhance insight into the financial side of your retail business. Auro Retail CRM comes with a fully integrated financial management system that enables you to improve organizational efficiency and grow the business. Use real-time financials and accounting support core functions such as general ledger, receivables, accounts payable and fixed assets. Easy accounting allows strong compliance management between retailers, vendors, and suppliers. Improve business performance, improve financial productivity, and reduce back-office costs using a single integrated solution.

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Why Choose Auro Retail CRM Software?

360-degree Customer View
  • Get insightful, actionable insights into customer preferences and behavior, and create customized experiences with Auro Retail CRM’s 360-degree customer view.
Completely Customizable
  • IIt is a Retail CRM that fits within the scale and size of your business effortlessly. The simple user interface can be customized to your retail business’ needs.
Seamless Integration
  • Work with your favorite apps and tools with Auro Retail CRM. You can integrate with the in-built suite or third-party extensions to improve business.
In-Built Analytics and Reporting
  • Get a complete overview of your sales, returns, and inventory costs with in-depth analytics and reporting to measure performance and evaluate statistics.

Retail CRM Software Highlights

Target Right Customers
  • Never forget to alert your customers when there is a special deal. Build tailored campaigns in your mailing list for important customers. Base your decisions on customer preferences. Increase your cross-selling chances by finding the right audience for your product.
Leverage Multichannel Retailing
  • Increase your sales efforts with multichannel CRM, which provides the integration of SMS, Whatsapp, telephony, live chat, and social media. Understand the choices made by your customers – know what sells best and what doesn’t, so that you can properly stock your inventory.
Bring Customers, Vendors, and Suppliers Together
  • Do more than simply managing records. The Auro Retail CRM portals allow you to create an online catalog of your products and services. You can export it to your customers and allow them to view your inventory directly to make purchases.
Capture Customer Trends From Social Media
  • By understanding what your customers want, you end up meeting their needs in a better way. Get a look at what your customers post on social media, find out the latest trends, and up your social media game — all from Auro Retail CRM.
Real-time Reports
  • You can monitor just what you can measure. With advanced performance management tools such as reporting, analytics, strategic management, revenue forecasting, and gamification, Auro CRM has everything you need to keep the performance of your team at its best, and insights to make smarter business decisions.
Post-Purchase Engagement
  • Provide excellent customer support by combining the CRM with common help-desk applications. Increase your prospects for cross-selling and gain repeat customers with an integrated network for company success.

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