Enroll and Retain Students with Education CRM Software

Enroll and Retain Students with Education CRM Software

Glance at Our Education CRM Features

Prospect Management

Engage with potential students by running programs on multiple channels. With AuroCRM, build strategic campaigns for effective form enrolments to maximize your reach. Gain a complete overview of each student, their activities, participated events, educational preferences, enrollment opportunities, etc., using simple student management systems. Make admissions more proactive with dynamic tools for managing and interacting with your students and faculties. You can refine and carry out degree courses that are the perfect match for your constituents, from inside AuroCRM.

Access to Student Information

Integrate AuroCRM with your existing MIS to gain comprehensive knowledge of your teachers, students, and active programs. Retrieve information from a central location and speed up the decision-making process. AuroCRM enables faculty members to improve their course design and review operations. When data and documents are readily available and accessible, decisions can be made quickly. With AuroCRM, connect students, faculty and other staff members across a central network seamlessly to keep up to date on the progress of inquiries and applications.

Student Support Mechanism

Students are engaged in constant conversations about their demands and suggestions. Use the planning and event management tools to collaborate with your constituents on projects and inter-collegial events. Communicate over the telephone, email, and social media to streamline the organization of resources. AuroCRM provides immediate resolutions and feedback on student queries. Take advantage of all-round education support services by automating student plan execution. Staying in touch with their alumni becomes easy through the introduction of social media channels.

Program Insights

Let the data tell your story with insightful analysis services. With AuroCRM, you can get insights right from hiring to recognizing student success, so you can evaluate your marketing efforts. No education CRM can serve all organizations with a one-size-fits-all solution. AuroCRM allows you to create custom dashboards that show the best educational insights at the right time, so your decision-making is flawless. Multiple campaigns aimed at large user groups can result in incoming data overload. AuroCRM lets you dig into each of these educational programs and gather valuable insights from them.

Application Review and Faculty Support

Reduce the length of the admissions cycle and save time. AuroCRM helps in streamlining the final stage of a successful conversion, which is the process of application review. You can share the status of the applications and other resources with the right person at the right time. A simplified application review will provide clarity in finding the correct students for a course. AuroCRM also provides assistance to faculty members when they are engaging with prospective students. The mobile app allows them to feed student data which is automatically stored in the cloud.

Disability and Assessment Service Management

Meet the needs of groups with disabilities by documenting all relevant resources, needs, activity information, and related documents. With AuroCRM, get alerts to respond to inquiries quickly and effectively. Our comprehensive security features protect sensitive student data. Store test papers and reports securely with customized permissions. Gain insight into exam attendance and results via real-time dashboards. With AuroCRM, receive emergency alerts such as absences from invigilators and quickly resolve them via mobile access.

Benefits of Education CRM Software

Reduce Lead Leakage
  • Automate the collection of your enrollment questions from all sources.
Engage Applicants
  • Don’t lose track of applicants. Send them marketing campaigns focused on their interests/activity.
Application Portal Builder
  • Easily build responsive & multi-step application forms.
Get Enrollment Insights
  • Analysis of campaign performance, additional sources, teams, and revenue added.
Reduce Lead Response Time
  • Automate delivery of admission inquiries by school, counselors or any other criterion.
Track Field Agents and Campus Ambassadors
  • AuroCRM provides a mobile-friendly CRM that helps to track field agents and campus ambassadors and their performance.

Education CRM Highlights

Lead Automation
  • Capture leads automatically from career portals, missed calls, websites, Facebook, Google, etc.
Course Master
  • Course Master helps to retain details on the course, such as type, duration of the course, fees, availability of seats, schedule, etc.
Educational Counselling
  • Connect students with Educational counselors or faculty members from within the CRM.
Student-Parent Communication
  • Communicate with students and parents with automated messages, emails, and phone calls. Inform them about course curriculum, changes in schedule or timings, emergencies, etc.
Skill Development
  • Market different vocational or skill development courses to students based on their interests, preferences, marks, and profile.
Employability and Placement Management
  • Manage placement and career-support initiatives with ease. Build reports showing successful student placements and the number of opportunities.

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