Customer 360 Degree View

Get the complete picture of your customers’ journey, from the first identifiable visit, to showing interest, the first purchase, support requests, and repeat purchases.


Preview a Customer

Life Time Value (LTV) of a customer, Total Orders Placed, Last Purchased


Customer Statistics

Total Customers, New Customers Count and % of Total, Returning Customers Count and % of Total


Customer Comparison

Best Customers by Revenue, List of all Customers


Customer Churn and Retention

Customer Churn Rate and Customer Retention Rate (Count and MRR) over a specific time period



Frequently Asked Questions

On customer data, views, and customer journey

What is a 360 Degree Customer View?

360 Degree Customer View is a feature in AuroCRM that gives access to customer information across all touchpoints where they interact with the brand. It is a single point for all customer data including their contact details, past purchases, social media behavior, and interactions with the customer service team.

What's the difference between a standard view and a 360 degree view?

Although Single Customer View and 360 Degree Customer View are used interchangeably. Offered by AuroCRM, the feature aims to provide you a comprehensive representation of a customer by collating data onto a single platform. Stakeholders and entrepreneurs can have easy access to vital customer data at every touchpoint.

What are the benefits of a 360 degree Customer View?

360 degree customer view provides you an insight into every aspect of customer journey. With invaluable information about their purchase history, behavior, preferred communication channels, current status, and problems combined with analytics helps you provide personalized services and gain their loyalty.

How do you get a 360 degree view of your customer?

AuroCRM provides a feature called Customer 360 degree to seamlessly manage your customers. Using customer comparison aspects like customer profiling and segmentation, you get a comprehensive overview of your customers’ information. View their history, preferences, current status, grade them, and do more with Customer 360 degree.

Whats is the meaning of CRM for a customer?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. For a customer, the term CRM usually refers to a tool that assists them with their queries regarding sales, products, or any other service provided by your organization. AuroCRM is a tool that helps you manage such interactions with your customers.

What is a CRM database?

A CRM database includes all information regarding potential, new and existing customers, including their history, habits, preferences, details of interactions with them and level of engagement. AuroCRM enables you to create a database by classifying and segmenting your customers using relevant labels and parameters.

What is the difference between CRM and CDP?

CRM or customer relationship management is a tool to manage all your interactions and activities with customers. This includes a range of tasks from managing customer databases to solving customer queries. CDP or customer data platforms collates customer information from multiple sources into a single database.

Value-added Features

Mark any customer as favourite, Email various documents to customer, Google Login for sales Reps and E-Signature facility for document verification.

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"AuroCRM is used by our entire sales team for their daily activities, and its automation and quote to cart functionality helped us increase conversion by 42%. It integrated with our multiple Magento stores and Odoo ERP as well for better execution."

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