Customized Reports to Quickly Get  The Best Insights From Data

Visual Data Reporting Features in AuroCRM

Real-time Statistics

Get help in decision-making with real time business insights

Purchase Funnel

In-depth visualization of the leads ultimately getting converted to deals

Revenue by Source

The CRM will classify the accumulated revenue as per its source


Abandoned Carts – Loss and Recovery

  • Get a summary of abandoned carts – how many, how often, % of checkouts, and abandoned value of the carts.
  • Dive deep into the high value carts or the carts that are most likely to convert.
  • Get a summary of recovered carts – how many, how often, % of abandoned carts, and recovered value.


Orders Analytics

Top Line

Total orders, total products sold, total revenue, total orders discounted, total returned

Orders Over Time

View how many orders you received in current year comparing with last year at the same time in graphical view.

Orders In Depth

Number of orders pending, highest order placed and number of issues registered for orders last month.

Product Revenue

Latest products sold, products returned, loss due to returned products, product ranking by revenue, comparison over time

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