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Sales Activity Features Offered by AuroCRM

Create Sales Reports

Create your reports with AuroCRM’s tabular, matrix, and summary view or simply use the pre-prepared reports and compare the activity across various modules through the matrix layout.


Streamline Reports

Simply drag-and-drop the custom reports in its specific folders. You can also build separate folders and either keep it private or share it with the entire team.


Share Activity Reports

Easily and instantly share the activity reports as an attachment or schedule it for auto-sharing in the inbox as a repetitive task. You can also export the activity reports in the form of CSV, PDF, or XLS file with just a click.


Filter Out Reports

Finding your activity reports has now become easy, all thanks to the latest search filter! With this feature, you can locate your reports in no time and even add it in the ‘Favorites’ section for instant access.


Use Sales Reports

You no longer have to halt your work to view the custom sales activity report. You can simply view them in graphs or charts format on a different pop-up screen. With AuroCRM, you can also transform the report into tables and add them to the dashboard.


Drill Down Each Report

Check which activity or campaign is performing at its best and offering a better ROI by leveraging AuroCRM’s specialized reports feature.


Get In-Depth Reports about Your Sales Growth

Leverage AuroCRM and receive immediate and visual access to all your sales activity reports. You can also get an in-depth insight into how your sales have been performing and the profits you have made so far.

Create a Sales Leaderboard

Get complete details about which sales agent has met the monthly sales quota and who hasn’t. Create a healthy competition between the teams to accomplish the set targets in time. The leaderboard can improve your team’s transparency and morale while they learn for the losses and celebrate their achievements.

Benefits of Using Sales Activity Reports

Email Reports

This feature lets you check how many emails have been sent by your sales reps. It also enables you to filter out the number of emails that were replied to and opened, and the click-rate of links.

Phone Call Reports

AuroCRM’s phone call activity report helps you get an understanding of how many outgoing and incoming calls were attended by the sales. It also helps you analyze the number of potential leads.

Sales Task Report

With the sales task report, you can verify how tasks have been created and how many of them are still pending. It also lets you break down the number of tasks that are open, completed, and require immediate attention.

Appointment Reports

The appointment report feature gives a complete picture of how many appointments your sales reps have scheduled so far. With this feature, you can also see how many of them have been successful.

Additional Features of Sales Activity Reports

Pipeline Activity Reports

Keep tabs on the progress of every deal/sales, figure out the bottlenecks, and try to address them quickly.


Innovative Activity Reporting

Are you finding it difficult to create an activity report? Leverage AuroCRM’s sample reports to quickly build one.


Preview Sales Reports

Before sharing or exporting the sales activity report, you can check the information and ensure it has been presented properly.


Sales Activity Metrics

Produce sales activity reports using crucial metrics such as time taken to contact the client, open or click-rate of emails, and the sales conversion rate.


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