Build a Better Product Using Real-time Feedback from Customers

Survey Your Product With AuroCRM

Cost-effective CRM

With AuroCRM, marketers now have a cost-effective way of reaching out to any audience, on any platform and collecting valuable feedback.

Connect with Target Audience

Marketers need to connect with their target audience. That involves knowing how to succeed, what makes them different and why your customers keep buying from you over time.


Understanding Customer Preferences

AuroCRM connects you with customers to consider their needs and desires. Know how consumers feel about product deployment, product functionality, and what potential features they want to see.


Gain Insights for Product Improvement

Sending a product feedback survey will help you obtain insights from customers to understand their preferences. These insights are needed to improve the product and increase sales.


Create Diverse Surveys

You can create different surveys like marketing and product surveys for understanding consumers and making the appropriate decisions to help your product and business thrive.


Real-time Feedback

Marketing and product surveys provide you with real-time reviews, which can help your team drive product improvement, features, and promotion initiatives.



Marketing Creative Surveys

When launching a campaign, creative groups come up with 3 or more ideas. AuroCRM is the ideal way to test your company marketing assets such as photos, images, or videos.

Product Branding Surveys

If your company is launching a new brand or product, then surveys can help you get an initial feel from customers. They collect feedback before your company introduces something new to the market.


Different Types of Surveys You Can Create in AuroCRM

Product Feedback Surveys

General product feedback is the most prevalent form of product survey. AuroCRM is a fantastic resource to help understand what elements of your product have hit the market, and what needs improvement.

Marketing Product Surveys

Brand marketers need to decide how to position, create the message, price, and package of the brand. Web marketing surveys are a great way to receive honest feedback from potential customers.

Market Research Surveys

AuroCRM helps market analysts gather the pulse of every age group, region, competitor, and opportunity. This eliminates the need for focus groups and reaches a wider audience.

Marketing Campign Surveys

Marketing campaigns and demand creation help organizations drive inbound leads and traffic. Online survey tools like AuroCRM help campaign managers identify promotions that will drive new business.

Advanced Features of AuroCRM Product Surveys

Simple Survey Creation

Create your questions, add branding graphics to complete your survey. Generate a custom confirmation message and distribute your survey to your leads, contacts, or accounts.


Style Your Survey

Using our in-built editor, you can add graphics and content to customize your survey and feedback messages. This lets you style your survey to get the look you want.


Flexible Skip Logic

Our surveys have configurable Page and Question level skip logic. It allows you to skip past individual questions or questions pages, depending on what answers the respondent chooses.


Configurable Survey Questions

Build different kinds of survey questions including rating scale, chart, single-select (radio button), multi-select (checkboxes), and text. Arrange the questions on the survey according to your needs.


Advanced Features of AuroCRM Product Surveys

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