Case Study

CRM Helps Improve Operational Efficiency for Leading Product Warranty Provider

We integrated WordPress and CRM systems to synchronize customers, leads, orders, and notes in real-time, improved the user roles module, and built a more engaging product experience.


About the Customer

With 20 years of experience working in the warranty business, the client provides monthly protection programs that offer great coverage at an affordable price. They provide a wise investment route to protect your vehicles, smartphones, laptops, appliances, and other electronics to protect the consumers from expenses related to product failures after the OEM warranty ends.

Custom CRM Needs

  • Seamlessly manage multiple products through the CRM interface.
  • Synchronize data from website to CRM to reduce manual work.
  • Have an organized team structure with clearly defined roles and access.
  • Simplify complex legacy workflows.


Solution Brief

  • Customized product module to create a more exciting and engaging experience for users.
  • Integration between WordPress and CRM systems to synchronize customers, leads, orders, and notes in real-time.
  • Improved role module to give more specific responsibilities to different individuals, saving time on training every member about what they can do within the organization.

Business Benefits


Simplified Product Plans


Real-time Data Synchronization


Clear Roles and System Access


Simplified CRM Workflows

Looking for a Customised CRM Solution?

Auro CRM offers a great base for customisation. We would be happy to build a CRM solution that fits your needs perfectly.