Case Study

Improved Sales CRM Productivity using Jive-Based VOIP for Global Parts Liquidator

We added Jive-based VOIP workflows on the CRM platform. The ability to save and record customer calls helped with better reporting, analysis, and improvements.


About the Customer

The client is an established entity as one of the oldest and biggest aftermarket parts liquidators in Canada, US, and rest of the countries. They offer overstock liquidation and stock lift services to several major auto parts and accessories manufacturers in the automotive market. The client approached AuroCRM’s experts to optimize the productivity of their sales team.

Custom CRM Needs

  • Ability to make calls directly from the CRM platform.
  • Ensure compliance with data security standards for VOIP calls.


Custom CRM Needs

Solution Brief

  • Easy-access dialer from CRM contacts modules
  • Seamless API-based connectivity to the Jive VOIP system.
  • Secure medium to make calls to customers.
  • Automatic saving and recording of call logs in the CRM.

Business Benefits


Easy Access to Dialer


Secure Channel for Calls


Automatic Call Recording and Logging


Improved Productivity

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