AI-driven CRM Platform for Small Businesses

AI-driven CRM Platform for Small Businesses

A Glance at Our CRM Software for Small Business Features

Lead Management

AuroCRM for small businesses converts your sales emails into leads automatically. The lead management functionality helps your sales reps organize and track leads more systematically. Lead scoring is another popular feature that identifies viable sales leads before the first call or email. Once the new leads are added to the CRM, you can visualize a 360-degree view of the lead profile, including a detailed overview of engagements and interactions such as emails, telephonic conversations, and sales activities.

Email Management

AuroCRM’s email management system is one of the most popular and efficient tools. For small businesses, sharing business communication through emails promotes collaboration and empowers sales reps to achieve overall goals. It will also help them organize emails, reach out to prospects in seconds and track email performance. Users can integrate their Gmail, Office 365 or custom accounts directly into the CRM system. You can send and receive emails without switching between the CRM and email clients.

Deal Management

Streamlining and organizing sales deals lets you track the progress and development of each deal and meet targets. AuroCRM’s sales pipeline feature visualizes your deals’ sales cycle and keeps track of open opportunities. You get the option to view deals in more than just one view across many stages. You can also filter them based on different criteria and also add additional deal stages. Save time by sending emails, making calls and scheduling tasks and appointments directly from the pipeline.

Social Media Integration

Small and medium-sized businesses should have a powerful social media presence to succeed in today's competitive landscape. AuroCRM allows you to integrate your company's Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts with your CRM, so you can expand your reach and engage your prospects at the right moment. AuroCRM sends your sales teams real-time notifications about a customer’s interaction on social media, so they can respond right away.

Nurture Your Customers Better

Being the owner of a small business, it’s important that you nurture your customers (and leads) well. Nurturing helps you provide a great customer experience and also reduces churn. AuroCRM helps you craft and track campaigns with predetermined rules. You can send personalized emails to your customers and prospects. With sales campaigns, you can add follow-ups to emails, add reminders for calling, and do much more.

Intuitive Dashboards & Reports

AuroCRM’s dashboards and reports are extremely intuitive. Your sales team will love highly interactive and easy-to-understand visual overviews of your sales pipeline. The executives will understand what is working and what needs to be improved. You can gain instant visibility and get the insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time. Spotting issues before things go off-track is very important for small businesses. The reports and dashboards can also be customized to suit your needs.

We Work For

  • AuroCRM helps new as well as established e-commerce stores boost their customer engagement.
  • With AuroCRM, start-ups can make their business model more customer-centric and capitalize on new sales opportunities.
  • Manufacturers can improve their bottom line in a considerable amount of time using AuroCRM’s advanced features.
Consultancy Firms
  • Independent consultants and firms can increase their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and march towards growth.

CRM Software for Small Business Highlights

Sales Proposals and Forecasting
  • Manage all consumer incentives and send proposals with opportunity, anticipated date & pending payments.
Contact Management
  • Manage all contacts from one place, get a clear overview, and build better relationships with your customers.
Customizable CRM
  • Create custom sales pipelines (for territories, business segments, etc) and other functionalities based on your needs.
Detailed Timesheet
  • Easily keep track of employees’ actual working hours, improve your team’s productivity and your bottom line.

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