CRM Implementation To Manage Multidivisional Enterprise Processes

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About Client

The client is one of the leading and high-end furniture retailers tagged as Made in the USA. With a wide range of products and established customer base, the client wanted to enhance business productivity by combining offline and online sales processes for their sales representatives. They wanted to integrate the existing SAP ERP to CRM to execute strategies that help in retention of customers as well as driving customer base along with providing a one-step solution for internal employees.

About Product

The CRM implementation focuses the practices, strategies, and technologies that used to manage customer interactions and customer data. Right from the order management to the enhanced internal communication, CRM also provides improved analytical data and processing. Categorizing business information and sales management, the system can identify the prospective customer that can be converted with proper planning. Overall, CRM aims to cultivate the customer relationship for the business by taking care of customer transactions, preferences, needs, and requirements.

How we did it ?

We implemented popular SuiteCRM with customized procedures and effectual functions. It is a community version of SugarCRM. SuiteCRM is an efficient, powerful and flexible tool that provides automated actions to establish a robust customer base. SuiteCRM is used and trusted by world’s largest organizations to handle massive customer transactions that can be resulted in increased business growth. We synched product, orders, customers, and quotes and facilitated it with standard sales pipeline process. We also integrated client’s SAP system to Magento and synched the Magento data with SAP system. Magento SAP integration also helped to track end-to-end order processing which ultimately results in modeling business processes.

Challenge: Effectual Management of Two Different Ventures

The client wanted to manage two entirely different segments with respectively different vendors, departments, and processes. Through the single platform, it was tough to segregate and manage two different user groups.


To address this challenge, our team created one universal module that further divided into two other entity-specific modules. The team resulted in developing of separate departments and user groups. Each user groups carried set of roles assigned to them. The structure allows managing any kind of requirements to be handled in respective sub-organizations for users.

Challenge: Data Security Coping up with Existing System

Along with managing two different modules through a single platform, the data security considerably took the main aspect as a challenge. It was important to secure the CRM data and set accessibility of data limited to the departmental users only. Coping up with existing network architecture and security was tough as there should be no barriers while implementing security aspects.


Data security involves protection of data from unauthorized users and secure access of data. Our team ensured transparency of data by managing two security groups for each department in every sub-organization. The users in each group have only access to the information that is assigned to them.

Challenge: Sales Process Enhancement

Through the implementation of CRM into the existing system, the client wanted to have an advanced system that can be able to increase business opportunities, lead generation and thereby ROI.


The excellent team of Brainvire ensured efficient processes and business operation that can be able to activate business growth. Our developers created complete sales pipeline that carries lead generation, follow-up, and set contact functionality. To get a real-time response and gain ‘customer satisfaction’, the team provided an option for running campaigns and events. Also, we have implemented sales cycle via different stages for qualifications, value proposition, and negotiation that ultimately decide whether opportunity would be a won or loss. As a result, the client is able to differentiate the increased number of leads and business opportunities.

Challenge: Enhanced Quotation Management

The client wanted to enhance the quotation management processes that denote the verification of every quote before it further goes to the customer. The acknowledgment of the quote status associated with the users who are participating in preparation and verification. With the aim of enhancement of quotation management by understanding their existing system, Brainvire’s team took the opportunity to utilize the skills in order to simplify the processes.


Our team implemented a quote module that lets the user prepare quote for the customer. We also defined the different status of a quote with automated workflow so that the quote creation would automatically notify manager on email who can approve it on CRM, and automatically send it to the customer. This process fastens the verification system hence, the users can focus on other opportunities.


  • 1
    Separated Business Module Managed by Single Platform

    With the modular approach, distinguish, and accurate modules of two different business segments are efficiently managed through a single platform.

  • 2
    Streamlined Business Processes

    Due to efficient CRM implementation, all transactions, requirements, and customer interactions are managed well.

  • 3
    Efficient Order Automation

    Tracking of end-to-end order processing and automated task resulted in increased order and sales

  • 4
    Amplified Revenue Generation

    With an identification of prospective customers and simplified business processes, business opportunities have increased and thereby improved ROI.

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