Popular eCommerce Brand Streamlines Order Management with CRM Integration

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About Client

The client is a leading eCommerce firm that offers supreme quality inflatables to customers at an affordable price in North America. They provide heavy duty and safe materials. They have a diverse variety of products for different customers.

About Product

With the assistance from experts, CRM integration with the client’s Magento website was implemented which improved order management. The IT specialists carried out multiple integrations such as Avalara tax integration in the quotation module and Bolt for payment integration to name a few. The leader dashboard constantly updated the client about top leads and trending quotes of the week.

How we did it ?


The client found it daunting to manage multiple web stores simultaneously.


The team of IT professionals brainstormed about different sources to manage multiple web stores efficiently. By their experience and research, they decided on CRM integration. A single CRM solution was apt to manage multiple web stores for the client.


Earlier, it was tedious for the client to manage shipping rates on web stores.


Experts integrated AFS/UPS shipping rates API in the CRM quotation module. This provided accurate shipping rates to customers right before the checkout. This way, the customer and the client had clarity on the shipping charges.


The client failed to learn about the customer journey, thereby restricting potential outcomes.


The CRM system offered the client all the necessary details in the customer journey from start to the end. The client also obtained relevant customer data, which helped them learn more about their customers.


Earlier, the client didn’t obtain real-time updates on orders, products, or customers.


Implementation of the right API enabled real-time sync of orders, customers, and products. This helped the client manage tasks, order, and customers efficiently.


  • 1
    Automated data sync

    With CRM integration, the client could now obtain real-time information on everything from multiple web store quotes to order checkout. This also ensured automated data sync, which helped the client to make better business decisions.

  • 2
    Improved ticket management

    CRM integration empowered the client to acknowledge tickets and manage them quickly and easily.

  • 3
    SMS integration

    The client wanted to ease and quicken their internal and external communication. The tech team introduced Twilio SMS integration to streamline the communication aspects.

  • 4
    Leader dashboard

    The leader dashboard highlighted the top-rated users with leads and quotes. This way, the client can examine their progress closely and plan activities beneficial to the business.

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