The digital world is becoming unpredictable and dynamic with each passing day. This dynamic nature can be successfully managed with the help of the right tools, data-driven insights, and effective tactics. One of the best tools to manage an Ecommerce platform is the CRM tool.

The market is filled with unlimited CRM tools. This makes it tricky for you to decide which tool to opt for which one to skip.

In this article, we have discussed several concepts that can help you choose a suitable Ecommerce CRM and Marketing Automation-

Essential Qualities of Your Ecommerce CRM

Every CRM tool is designed with different sets of features. It is important to choose a CRM Software that suits your business industry.

For an Ecommerce business, you need a CRM software with the following features-

Demonstrate website and app traffic

  • A good Ecommerce CRM software helps you improve sales and revenue.
  • It can help boost your conversion rate with 1-2 %.
  • This software should be efficient enough to provide you with buyer’s details such as age group, zip code, links clicked, etc.
  • This will help create customized engagements and improve the number of purchases from the web.

Track and manage consumer data

  • Ecommerce business mainly functions on the purchasing demographics, psychographics, geographical boundaries, and buying patterns.
  • For instance, if you run an online female accessories business, then your target group is mainly females between 16-45 years of age residing in a specific geographical location.
  • Simultaneously, you also need to determine their average income as it helps you to offer suitable discounts to them.
  • Budding Ecommerce entrepreneurs can create registration forms to acquire this data. This will help you to acquire accurate customer data.
  • This feature in your CRM software can help track consumer activities on your website. You can now gain information on the products that they have viewed and such other details.
  • This feature can provide you adequate insights into consumer purchase details and their preferences.

Customized marketing

  • The modern Ecommerce CRM software offers you immensely valuable information about your customers.
  • This information can be utilized to offer customized services to your potential and existing customers.
  • For instance, if a potential customer is interested in rose gold accessories and there is an upcoming sale on your portal, you can send them a direct mail or customized message informing them of this sale.
  • At times, consumers add products to their cart and just leave. In this situation, you can send them a quick reminder that their cart is ready for checkout.

Highly efficient deliveries

  • Every customer has a unique purpose to visit your website. To sustain customers, you have to offer much more than your product/services.
  • Provide a spontaneous response to their queries via mail or customer care.
  • In case, they are facing issues in placing their order or reaching out to you, approach them to ensure that they have good customer experience.

Now, the Question is
How Does Marketing Automation Help Your Ecommerce Business?

There are several perks of marketing automation to your Ecommerce business and some of them are discussed here-

Increased number of new contacts

  • Marketing automation helps to attract new customers.
  • Quality content and products attract them towards your services.
  • You can indirectly increase the number of sales.
  • It augments your newsletter list.
  • Informative and helpful content can help create lead magnets.
  • Content management is an effective and lucrative tool to reach and sustain the right audience.
  • It’s more like a two-way street where you offer appropriate and informative content in return your audience shares more valuable insights with you.
  • Specific landing pages help throw light on all your products and services.

Increased average order value

  • Most business owners fear that a change in price can drop sales.
  • Run A/B tests to determine the effectiveness of the changes in the prices.
  • Automation for your Ecommerce platform can help provide the effect of a price change on each segment.
  • If you note that there is a significant effect on the sales, then you can lower your price bracket.
  • Regardless of whether you are into products or services, it is worth a shot to increase average order value.
  • Cross-selling is yet another trick that can bring you results.
  • It motivates your customers to purchase more from your website

Improved customer retention

  • Implement 80:20 norm: Several companies generate revenue from merely 20% of their loyal customers. It is easier to retain an existing customer than to lure a new one. Besides, you can always approach a loyal customer to view other products and improve your sales.
  • Plan a strategy that encourages existing customers to reach out to you again and again. This will strengthen your revenue base.
  • To secure a loyal customer, you can offer them customized subscriptions or rewards.
  • Marketing automation has transformed subscriptions into an effective tool. You no longer have to waste time to keep track of consumer accounts.
  • Emails are an effective marketing tool.
  • A mere confirmation of your customer orders is enough to generate minimum business.
  • However, returning to your customers with a similar product can help improve your sales.
  • A suitable CRM tool is a boon to your Ecommerce business as it can help manage communication with your never-ending list of customers.
  • Every interaction helps you learn something more about their needs and buying behavior.
  • The perfect combination of the right CRM tool with automation can enhance the scope of business expansion. Your business can foresee lucrative opportunities and work towards them.


It is important to choose the latest and the best CRM tool. They help you to save a lot of time and effort. A functional CRM software can provide you with the right vision and help derive optimal results.

Consumer experience is one of the perks that your business enjoys with suitable CRM software.

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