Is it the right time to invest in Real-Estate CRM

How do you know which is the right tool to choose? Choosing the right CRM software is an important step as it helps to shape your business in the right direction.

Discussed here are a few questions you must ask to choose an appropriate software-

Does the software permit you to view team operations?

If your management aims to sign up for multiple Real-Estate CRM licenses, then ask the sales representative whether the software can collaborate. A team leader must be aware and capable of tracking the activities of their team members.

Often, you will have to share confidential and essential business details with your coworkers. Some software allows you to share tasks and their related details with your team.

You may not need this feature if you run a small business and don’t have a large team to overlook. However, if you are planning for expansion, then you might need this feature in the future. In this case, choose for an advanced CRM tool so that you don’t have to change it any time soon.

Do you need a Cloud-based CRM?

Business owners would enjoy working with a Cloud-based CRM tool. Although this may appear as a basic requirement, it should be one of the most fundamental features of your software.

This way, you can use your software from almost anywhere. You don’t have to sit the entire day in front of your screen. You can conveniently meet your clients to show properties in different cities. You can enjoy access to the software while you go for networking lunches across the city.

You can access your confidential and essential details from any device, anywhere and anytime with a suitable Real-Estate CRM.

How to acquire and manage data?

It takes a lot of effort and time to build your own database. Your database consists of all the deals that you have worked on, properties sold, conversations you have had, and the networks that you have built over the years.

Irrespective of whether you save your data in an excel file or software, you must have access to it. Inform your sales representatives to ensure the presence of every minute detail of the data and its import process.

Often, a simple import command can transfer all your data into the software. Besides, you have to ensure that your Real-Estate CRM is secure, errorless and effective for your business.

It should also be easy to export data from your software to another. You can also ask for a demo to ensure that it is the right software.

 Is it a relational database?

Your software should be capable of aligning all the records. One of the primary reasons to invest in CRM sales software is that it helps you save time and money. For instance, if you have altered one record, then all other related records must have its effect. You don’t have to manually change the other records.

Often, deals and properties have different record formats but they are synced. This means that a change in either of them affects the other. You no longer waste time in making multiple changes.

 Do you get adequate resources, training, and free trial?

Regardless of whether you have used CRM software previously or not, every software has a different set of features. This means that you have to learn something new in every new software you install.

Ensure the software offers free set-up so that you don’t have to pay any additional charges for them. A good Real-Estate CRM software comes at a good cost. Make sure that there aren’t any hidden costs involved in it.

A good CRM provider will assign a team member to guide you through the software. This way, you will have basic knowledge about the software and also know how to use it. Also, confirm whether the company offers you a help center with informative videos and articles to resolve your future queries.

Does the company provide onsite training from either a technical trainer or account manager? For instance, if you face any problem, do they send a technical trainer to your office for your help.

 Learn about product updates

While searching for a good CRM software make sure to have a glimpse of their launch date. This way, you know that you are not opting for an old version and invest in the latest product.

Ask your sales representatives to share details on the latest model and their features.

 Does the company offer post-delivery customer support?

Often, the informative videos and articles mentioned on the official websites are not helpful to resolve your issues. It is important to ask whether the company provides you post-delivery assistance.

Make sure that you choose a company that provides you this kind of assistance. Also, inquire if you have to pay any additional charges for this assistance. If at all, they cannot visit your place, can they help you in any other way to solve your problems?


It is wise to get answers to all these questions so that you don’t get tied up with an inefficient software and company. Make sure that you skimp through product reviews to get a better understanding of user experience.

Thorough research about the Real-Estate CRM software can help you to choose the right fit for your real-estate business.