Today, almost every business has its own website. Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, you need a good and functional eCommerce website. There are two significant reasons as to why you need a good website:

  • Customers have an increased number of alternatives.
  • To stand apart from similar and cluttered services/products.

In both instances, it is important to create brand awareness and brand recall at the right time. This will give you a chance to gain an increased ROI.

The right mix of an experienced team, effective marketing campaigns, a wide array of products, and an engaging website can help you to capture the limelight.

But, along with this, it is equally essential to reach the heart of your consumers and stay there. Good customer experience has the superpower to win and sustain customers.

We have discussed the following in this article:

  • Gain access to important information
  • Customized services
  • Sufficient use of available resources
  • Order management 
  • Flawless delivery
  • Store payment details
  • Estimated conversions   

Discussed here are prominent features that your eCommerce CRM must possess:

Gain access to important information

  • Do you know how many potential customers add products to the cart and leave your portal?
  • Are you aware of the average number of visitors on your portal?

A good CRM software can be a reliable medium to gain all this essential website information. Your team can utilize key insights acquired through this information to design a proper plan of action.

Source: Cowell Asia

An increased number of cart abandonment instances are observed and business owners like you are clueless about the actual reason. The right retail CRM can help convert these abandonments into actual sales.

Create a registration form on your website to acquire the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail Address

Several CRM software can also track social media profiles and activities of your customers. They help you to track your visitor’s activities on your website. This way, you can acquire precise data about the different products that they viewed, searched, and many more details.

This will help you to determine the personality, traits, and buying patterns of your potential audience.

Customized services     

Have you noticed that your current online ads are similar to your recent searches?

For instance, if you have recently searched for organic food products, then a variety of organic food product ads will pop-up on your page at regular intervals.

You can take advantage of the search patterns of your potential audience and display ads on their page accordingly. This also helps you to segregate your audience based on their:

  • Preferences
  • Demographics
  • Buying patterns

This will help you to offer customized services to your customers. You can send special discounts to your loyal customers before any auspicious occasion such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc. You can send customized emails and messages regularly to strengthen your bond with them.

Source: Campaign Monitor

Make optimal use of the key insights acquired through the CRM system. The system can also send emails and messages on your behalf. It can also send you a reminder for the same.

This will help you to offer them services/ products that they are interested in and enjoy the much-needed customer satisfaction.

Sufficient use of available resources

Sales teams can invest only one-third of their time into sales. The rest of the time they are engrossed in resolving administration issues.

A self-sufficient and good eCommerce CRM tool can automate several business processes. Your sales team can now have ample time to focus on sales. Besides, the administration processes can be managed automatically and efficiently through the software.

Source: Law Office Services

Approach a reliable expert to suggest a suitable CRM software based on your business requirements. They can streamline your business processes and help you make ample use of all the available resources such as time, workforce, etc.

Order management

Order management process consists of the following steps:

  • Order placement
  • Order processing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Delivery
  • Customer feedback

The successful execution of this process can result in lead generation and increased revenue. The CRM system can provide you live updates on each product and its position in the process.

While searching for eCommerce CRM software, order management must be one of the fundamental attributes. This feature is extremely important for budding and mid-sized businesses.

Flawless delivery

Every customer lands on your website with a certain number of expectations. Customer satisfaction doesn’t merely end through the selection of good products or order placement.

The following aspects can help you provide customer satisfaction:

  • Easy purchase method
  • Review and billing
  • Live tracking of the order
  • Easy returns and exchange
  • Quick resolution of queries
  • Timely delivery, and many more

CRM software can help accomplish all these tasks swiftly. This will help you mark a good impression in the eyes of the customers. Timely and organized delivery can help retain customers. This will eventually increase the number of loyal customers.

Retail CRM software can bring business flaws to your sight. This will help you to improve your services and provide improved customer satisfaction.

Store payment details 

With multiple payment options, it can be tricky to maintain records for your business. eCommerce CRM software can help you to maintain all payment records and from all the sources. All your payments are aligned and in-sync.

The latest CRM tools can also provide you the following details:

  • Customers with the highest values
  • Niche revenue sources
  • Significant financial metrics required for customized services

The system notes every minute details from invoicing to billing. It also saves information about payment failures. All you have to do is integrate your CRM system with the payment gateway.

Estimated conversions

Some of the latest eCommerce CRM software also offers you the current average statistics for your business. There is a lot of scope for eCommerce businesses to enhance their overall sales and revenue.

  • But, how can the system provide you with the conversion information-
  • Classify regular and expected buyers of your website.
  • The system will score these buyers based on age, zip code, links clicked, and such other factors.
  • Based on this segregation, the system will provide you much-needed information.

The system uses this information to provide you estimated conversion figures. You can use this information to design your future business plans and goals.

Uniform platform to manage social media

As a retail business owner, you are likely to be quite active on different social media platforms.

It has been observed that businesses struggle to manage social media pages. eCommerce CRM systems can help you manage customer queries and respond to them on time.

Source: Teen Vogue

Different CRM software has powerful tools that enable smooth social media integration. This helps your eCommerce business to maintain good relationships with your customers.


A single CRM software may not consist of all the above features. However, you can choose the best features applicable and useful for your business and then choose software.