Sales representatives can always use a helping hand when it comes to streamlining sales processes. CRM Software efficiently provides all the necessary support to businesses especially those having trouble selling their products.

Despite the growth of CRM users in over a decade it is still highly underestimated. CRM is more than just another tracking device, which helps boost sales.

This is how CRM can help your business.

Statistical Representation of the Growth and Benefits of CRM Tool

  • Statistics are proof that CRM is one of the fastest-growing software markets today. A decade has marked an outstanding mile for this $14 billion industry in 2010. It is now expected to reach $80 billion in revenues by 2025.
  • Easy accessibility is a key factor behind the growth of CRM. Many small business owners with employees over 11 have started using CRM. Currently, about 91% of businesses make use of CRM Software.
  • Businesses which use CRM have seen their sales rise by 29%. The increase in sales productivity is noted to be about 34%, along with the increase in the sales forecast accuracy rate up to 42%. Overall, there is an increase of 300% in the sales conversion rates.

Why should you Opt for CRM ?

Menial tasks like sending emails, scheduling meetings, setting up reminders, etc. take up much more time than expected. Time is of the essence, and spending lesser time on menial tasks will allow you to concentrate more on consumer conversion.

CRM has a lot to offer as it keeps close track of every customer’s purchase journey, pinpoints risks, and analyzes patterns. By eliminating the guesswork from the customer relations management process, you have a strategic advantage.

Formerly complex manual sales and marketing processes have been simplified due to the automation process in CRM tools. Streamline your sales process with AuroCRM and give your undivided attention to closing deals.

Here is Everything AuroCRM can Offer you for Sales Development

  • Streamline Marketing to Sales Handoff Process

    Communication assists in generating leads. Often there is either a lack of communication or the sales team is too busy so much so that the leads slip through their hands.

    Sales handoff process is where usually the leads tend to fall out of the sales funnel. Auro CRM can fix most of the sales drop-off issues. They can monitor and generate the exact details of where a lead is in the buying process.

    Sales CRM automatically alarms your sales department to move up as soon as the marketing team decides the lead is ready to move up. The quick action ensures that the lead is being contacted immediately and eliminates the threat of losing sales.

  • Assists in Building a Streamlined Sales Funnel

    AuroCRM will develop a sales funnel and present you with a clear indication on your leads. The list of your would-be buyers is narrowed down gradually from the large audience that consists of your website visitors, window shoppers and other prospects.

    It is called a sales funnel because it shows tapering down the process and generating a clear list of potential buyers. The bottom part of the funnel represents conversions or sales. The only way to generate money is by converting the prospects into buyers.

  • Grab Every Opportunity with AuroCRM

    Despite the size of your business, CRM tools can be beneficial to all. They ensure marketing efforts are successful by automating the data-creation process. They help your team predict and determine suitable content for different prospects.

    They generate enough data to determine the potential of turning a new prospect into a long-term client. They also shed light on approaches to prod the first-time visitors into buying.

  • Guaranteed Storage Space Safety

    CRM offers you a hassle-free work experience. The sales team can safely store their contacts, make note of sales opportunities, put down a list of activities and schedule plans all under the same roof. It also gives you access to the database and minimizes the risk of misplacing any data, ultimately saving time.

  • Streamline Your Sales Process with the help of Automated Tasks

    Here are ways in which CRM allows you to automate your tasks:

    1) Repetitive Tasks

    Leave the repetitive mailing of product catalogs, brochures, and pricing guides to automation.

    2) Reminders

    If you cannot automate CRMs, you can use them as reminders. Humans tend to forget a thing or two, but CRM ensures nothing is ever forgotten. The automated reminder from AuroCRM will make sure your sales rep is not missing out on any calls.

    3) Client Service

    Quality CRMs take care of your client with follow-up emails and chatbots. This will allow your sales team to move onto the next prospect and provide quality service throughout the entire sales process.

  • Monitor Your Sales Progress

    AuroCRM is integrated with Magento, a popular e-commerce system, and both together can make wonders for sales management.

    1) Personalizing Customer Experience

    Customers keep afloat your successful e-commerce site. Integrating CRM solutions will help you understand them better and provide maximum support.

    2) Boost Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation Rate

    Identify your potential customers with the help of accurate sales funnel and prioritize customers interests.

  • Reap Benefits of Value-Added Features

    1) Create and assign daily or monthly tasks

    2) Schedule meetings and take notes

    3) Efficiently monitor all the assigned tasks


Enjoy a smooth sales management process and e-commerce business with CRM. Despite the size of your business, be it small or large, CRM will give you an ideal viewpoint to manage your sales funnel.

Your team can pay head to closing deals. And CRM, on the other hand, will help in analyzing outcomes and creating precise and accurate reports. Achieving your objectives will become way easier as you streamline the process using CRM.