The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the face of the business world  and created a the new normal. When everything came to a standstill during the lockdown, every industry was impacted. B2B sales was no exception – companies faced issues such as reduced revenues, supply issues, staff downsizing, etc.

While the new normal seemed difficult, open-source CRM emerged as a tool to deal better with the challenges imposed by this situation. CRM has set a new baseline for how prospects will engage, how buyers will buy, and how sellers will engage with prospects.

The right and advanced CRM tools can help you to cope up with the new changes and increase your sales. It offers the following advantages-

Increases personalization

The open-source CRM software helps to match the needs of the customers for personalized interactions and tailor-made offerings. It can empower the sales team to build long-term relationships and provide the best experience to the customers right from understanding the product offerings to make a purchase using the Sales CRM 

  • It shortens the delivery cycles by quick starting configuration based on the data collected during the sales and service process.
  • It reduces the operational risk of the customers and working capital needs due to tailor-made solutions.
  • It simplifies the transport process and helps in the speedy delivery.

Getting prepared for long term remote and digital sales models

Due to the pandemic, most of the businesses moved to remote models and sales operations were conducted virtually. Earlier, most of the business meetings would happen in person. But as this Covid-19 situation pertains, in-person meetings will be avoided. 

Nowadays everyone is getting more digitally savvy and sellers can approach customers through digital tools be it new or established customers. The customer responses can be recorded in the Financial CRM software and the sales cycle is also shortened as the buying decision is based on the video conference call or virtual demo.

Integrated marketing and sales services

Based on the interactions with the customers recorded in the CRM tool, the company will get suggestions and reviews about the current products, customers’ needs, and preferences, most liked and disliked products, etc. It will help to formulate a holistic marketing strategy (both traditional and digital) and make use of the various forms of content such as images, video, blogs, social media posts, podcasts, live sessions, virtual events, etc. The integration between marketing and sales will help the companies to attract inbound prospects effectively.

Improved after-sales services

It helps to establish a long-term relationship with the customers. CRM will help you to go beyond sales and stay connected with the customers for a long time. It helps you to get reviews and feedback so that you can rate the customer experience and do improvements in your offerings.

It also helps to assist the customers in the issues they are facing during using the product or service. Additionally, you can provide virtual guidance to the user while using the product or service. These after-sales services help to build a long-term relationship with the customers.

It also helps to provide a personalized and engaging experience to the customers that eventually result in long-term customer retention.

Proactive client approach and lead management

The tools available in CRM helps to create user personas and understand their buying habits and behavior. A comprehensive strategy can be formulated based on the recorded data of the clients and prospects in the CRM platform. 

It will help in developing a proactive client approach as the sales representative would have got the primary information about the lead through CRM and will be able to pitch the right products more effectively. 

It will show the status of the lead and help them to bifurcate it. So you will know how to approach every lead and turn cold leads into prospects.

Long term relationship building

Covid-19 has been really tough for everyone. And as a business, it becomes a primary responsibility to take care of the customers and show empathy towards them. A simple message or call can also enlighten the customer’s day. It will make your customers realize that as a brand you really care. In these unprecedented times, show them you care and be transparent about it.

A CRM For Small Business helps to manage the customer data and establish strong internal communication with the clients especially mails. B2B organizations can set a gentle tone – by being open about how they stand with the clients amidst all the chaos and engage with them through regular and reassuring emails. Trust and loyalty is built and tested at the time of crisis. The more empathetic we are as sales leaders in our organizations, the more willing your clients will be to show up and respond.

Final Thoughts

In short, CRM will make customer interactions easy, help to yield more sales and increase brand loyalty through systematic management of customer data.

Be careful in selecting the CRM software for your business or organization. During the selection process, first, identify your needs, set the evaluation parameters, and analyze the CRM software accordingly. Choose a comprehensive CRM solution that is user-friendly, easy to customize and scale, and has excellent vendor support. In today’s time where situations have changed due to the new normal, CRM is your perfect rescue option. It will help your sales team and organization to overcome the challenges and yield more sales.