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AuroCRM’s Email Tracking Features

Sync your Email

Sync your AuroCRM inbox with work email to easily send and receive emails and stay up-to-date with the latest information.


Live Email Notifications

Receive regular notifications, whenever you click on links or open emails from AuroCRM’s inbox, to instantly follow up with your lead.


Ready-Made Templates

Send multiple work emails at a faster pace while adding a personal touch to it. Select from already-curated email templates, add the data, and send it across.


Group Inbox

Send a bunch of emails to various groups without any trouble. Leverage tailored email templates, personalize the message, and share it with the entire team at once!


Interactive Email Metrics

Get to know the templates have been performing really well and the ones you need to immediately discard by using AuroCRM’s interactive email metrics.


Sales-First Email

AuroCRM’s email tracking helps you create a list of all the open threads in the inbox. It also helps you prioritize the replies while ensuring you don’t miss out on crucial emails.



Sales Email Alerts

Receive instant alerts when someone sends you an email so that you can follow up with them right away! 

Enhance Email Efficiency

Get actionable and detailed insights via email tracking and use it to your advantage to improve the performance of the content in your emails.


Integration with Email Tracking Features

Effortless Email Integration

With end-to-end email integration, you can easily send replies and receive emails from your AuroCRM dashboard. You can also track inbox metrics and attach documents.

Third-Party Inbox Access

Leverage email sales CRM and sync all your work accounts, including Office 365, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange and establish an easy 2-way communication.

Easy Accessibility on Mobile

You can not only integrate your third-party emails with AuroCRM but also get it on your mobile device so that you can use it on-the-go.

Email History Accessibility

With AuroCRM’s email integration, you get complete access to the email history similar to the one offered by the original app.

Advantage of Using Email Tracking

Keep tabs on every email conversation

When you receive a lot of emails, the odds of you miss out on an important one are very high. But with in-built features of email tracking, you can always be on top of your emails and send immediate responses.


Zero Repetition of Email Templates

You do not have to draft the same email again and again. With the ready-made email templates, all you have to do is fill in the essential information and send it ahead.


In-Built Email Client

You no longer have to spend time scrolling through your inbox to look for important emails. The in-built email client offers easy access to them by displaying it at the top.


Smart BCC Address

With smart BBC, logging email conversations has now become an effortless task. Irrespective of the email provider, you can easily BCC all the emails to a customized email address.



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