Leverage SMS Marketing to Boost Your Communication Channels

AuroCRM’s SMS Marketing Features

Keyword-Based Text Messaging

When your client sends a message with a specific keyword in it, you can simply configure your system to take automatic actions. Based on the keyword, you can instantly send an email or text message as a reply to the client.


Bulk SMS

You can now schedule all your SMS in bulk in order to target a specific segment of customers. Just identify the segment and line up all the messages.


Customized SMS

Use your existing contact information to customize your SMS before sending it to the client. Add the client’s name, location, and other products owned to give it a personal touch.


Auto SMS Responder

Use AuroCRM’s triggers to instantly send personalized, auto-responses to your clients. For instance, share promotional offers to clients visiting the price page.


Personalized & Targeted SMS

With AuroCRM, you can use the SMS fields to automatically personalize and target your SMS before sending it ahead.


SMS Marketing Automation

AuroCRM enables you to streamline your SMS marketing, which means you can prepare a schedule for all your SMS notifications.


Auto SMS Response for Automatic Engagement

Send already drafted text messages to clients based on their actions. This will ensure that your leads automatically welcome, confirm, or follow up your text messages.

Drag-And-Drop SMS Campaigns

Simply create an SMS marketing campaign with a multi-step workflow using our AuroCRM’s drag and drop interface. This also improves your clients’ engagement with their smartphone and in turn boosts your ROI.


Advantages of SMS Marketing

Behavior-Based SMS Targeting

Target audience on the basis of their activity. You can also segment them and then run a targeted SMS campaign. Send SMS for billing, helpdesk, subscription, updates, product updates, upgrades, promotions, and more.

Drip SMS Marketing

This form of marketing is not just used for emails. Instead, you can curate drip SMS campaigns to share the right text message to the right customers on the basis of their behavior.

SMS Scheduling

Schedule all your SMS in advance so that you can send them to your clients at the right time and date based on their timezone. This will ensure there is no delay from your end.

Lifecycle SMS Marketing

Define SMS marketing campaigns to increase your engagement with your clients throughout the marketing process. Also, make sure you’re following up with them via text messages to boost the conversion rate.

Reach Out Instantly with SMS Marketing

Send Automated SMS

You can now integrate automated SMS with your streamlined workflow and instantly follow up with your clients when they send you a message.


Schedule SMS on Time

Simply schedule your SMS well in advance so that you can send them across at the right time and day.


Send SMS Reminders

With AuroCRM’s SMS marketing, you can share event alerts, appointment notifications, flash sale reminders, and confirmation details to the clients.


Add Journeys

When curating a journey for your clients, you can include text messages as an additional step in your automated workflow so that you can automatically schedule SMS for the prospects.



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