Our CRM Integration Extensions & Plugins Using SuiteCRM

e signature field
E-signature Field

Electronic signatures provide a binding way to authenticate a document. We have simplified this in SuiteCRM. You can use the E-Signature Field add-on in any default module of SuiteCRM.

Auro CRM - Google
Google Login

This plugin allows a SuiteCRM user to directly login with their Google ID which removes the need to remember yet another username and password. Simply click on Login with Google.

360 degree view tracker
360 View Tracker

With the 360 View Tracker add-on, you can track and understand your team’s day-to-day SuiteCRM activities From logins/logouts to updates, get user details and manage your CRM team processes.

Magento with Suite CRM - Auro CRM
Magento Bridge

The Magento bridge lets you integrate and access the major features of Magento allows your teams to have a complete view of customers and orders within Magento right from SuiteCRM.

suite crm and shopify
Shopify Bridge

The Shopify Bridge by BrainVire Info-tech provides an effective solution for bringing Shopify information into SuiteCRM. By leveraging the Shopify API your products, customers, and orders can be migrated on demand.

Twilio Call Extension

Using this users can make calls directly from SuiteCRM, check previous call history, and enjoy the convenience of calls getting automatically logged to records containing matching phone numbers.

woocommerce and suite CRM
WooCommerce Bridge

The WooCommerce Bridge for SuiteCRM lets you integrate and access all of the features of WooCommerce that you need.

customer 360 degree view
Customer 360 View

The plugin will empower you with the ability to improve each interaction with your customers and nurture long-term professional relationships with them.

Google Authenticator

This is a software-based authenticator by Google that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password & HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm.

Avalara Tax

Now the sales tax rates of crm will dynamic in nature based on customer addrees. We have implemented Very Popular Avalara Tax API. This Plugin based can be used only for USA zipcodes.

Twilio WhatsApp Extension

This helps your business communicate with clients using WhatsApp messages while working in SuiteCRM. As an add-on, it also supports media with text for a better customer experience.

BV SMS Extension

Brainvire SMS Extension allows you to conveniently communicate with clients via text message in SuiteCRM.

Sidebar Setting Management

The Sidebar Setting Management add-on lets you customize your SuiteCRM sidebar section by showcasing your preferred number of records under the Favorites and Recently Viewed sections.

Internal Note

The Internal Note add-on for SuiteCRM helps you easily communicate with teammates in an organized way, without having to switch tabs to a different messaging program.

BV True Number

The Brainvire True Number add-on provides phone number verification for your SuiteCRM contacts. Users can better manage their time by knowing what customer numbers are correct versus incorrect.

BV Email Verify

The BV Email Verify add-on immediately verifies your customer email addresses, helping to weed out incorrect emails and cleanse email data before it enters your SuiteCRM database.

BV Custom Alert

Custom Alert is design in such a way that you can enable or disable the CRM notification on module level. we have given the module level settings for that.


With the Scoreboard add-on, filter your data directly from the SuiteCRM List View and better manage interactions with customers throughout the sales conversion funnel.

Jive Click to Call

The Jive Click to Call extension will enhance your SuiteCRM features by providing an easier and faster way to communicate with your clients.

BV Linkedin Integration

Brainvire’s LinkedIn Integration helps users directly access their LinkedIn accounts and profile information and business data from the professional network.

Sudo Login

Sudo Login for CRM enables Admin users to log in to any of their team members’ CRM accounts and check their work without disturbing them.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring plugin for sales teams, helping CRM score leads based on specific conditions and all essential CRM data.This will help Salespeople to achieve their targets by focusing on leads.

Relate Quickview

With the Relate Quickview add-on, you can simply view a record’s complete background from List View or Detail View in CRM.

Business Tags

It is a SuiteCRM add-on that enables users to apply helpful tags on records to better manage large tasks in the CRM. Choose to tag records one by one or by the bulk action feature.

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