When you walk into your regular supermarket there is this familiar salesperson that assists you to purchase the right brand for your desired product. They take into account your priorities about the need and budget of the product and suggest the right one.

You have a quick, happy, and satisfactory purchase spree at the supermarket.

Similarly, customer experience plays a vital role for online businesses and eCommerce CRM can make your task convenient.

In this article, we have discussed the following aspects related to the eCommerce business and customer experience:

  • Understanding the Concept of eCommerce Customer Experience
  • Effective Strategies to Upgrade eCommerce Customer Experience

Understanding the Concept of eCommerce Customer Experience

eCommerce customer experience revolves around customer’s feelings, preferences, behavior, and perceptions on the different arena of online business. The first glimpse of your website can make or break your impression in the eyes of your customers.

Your aim is to ease their experience so that they can learn about what they are looking for and spend quality time on your website. This will not only increase the number of sales CRM but also help build a strong base of loyal customers.

This loyal base of customers can refer your services to other potential customers and increase your base. This means that a refined customer base can improve conversion rates.

Effective Strategies to Upgrade eCommerce Customer Experience

Discussed here are some effective strategies to improve eCommerce customer experience:

Retain Customers

As per a study, a 5% increase in customer retention results in over 25% increase in profits. Companies that examine the significance of customer retention are more likely to make optimal use of it.

A few common tactics to retain customers are:

  • Offer loyalty points to customers that they can redeem later on future purchases.
  • Share a handwritten or appreciative email for customer purchases.
  • Introduce a referral program so that current customers can gain benefits and you can win more customers.
  • Send complimentary gifts such as t-shirts and keychains to name a few.

Create a Specific Community

A community reflects that a set of people have significant likeability towards your product. It reflects your position as a brand in a specific industry. Members of your community are the best brand ambassadors and marketers of your brand.

Emails and social media platforms are the most persuasive platforms to reach customers and build your community. You can use these channels to share their experience in the form of reviews and ratings on your product pages.

This community can give you genuine feedback that can be used to improve customer services and product features.

Informative Product Pages

Product pages are designed with the specific intent of sharing product information with customers. It is important to share precise product information most appealingly to pursue your customers.

Following are key details that you must include in your product pages:

  • Product price
  • HD images of the product from all angles
  • Product details- color, size, material, etc.
  • Product description-A short informative description of the product and its benefits.  

Quality-Based Content Strategy

The main purpose of content marketing is to resolve all queries and problems of your shoppers. An effective content marketing strategy comprises tips, blog posts, interviews, infographics, videos, and interesting facts related to your product.

For instance, if you run a furniture eCommerce store offering different kinds of furniture, then you must create content for each furniture category. This content may revolve around which furniture is suitable for a particular décor, tips, and décor pieces of advice.  

Create a content calendar to plan different types of posts for your brand.

Active Social Media Presence

Social media platforms empower brands to showcase the right features of the brand. It is important to stay active on at least 2 -3 social media platforms to create a niche social media presence.

If you cannot share or upload daily posts, then resolve customer queries that they have shared on these platforms. Review each query and work on it productively to improve your social brand presence.

For instance, if you are a café owner, then you can post the backstory of a customized coffee or exclusive eateries on your menu.

Omnichannel Experience

Most customers have a presence on different social media channels and this makes it essential that you provide an Omnichannel experience. Such an experience has the power to increase conversions.

Remember, to share valid contact numbers, email addresses, and locations on your website as well as social media platforms. This way, customers can reach you at any hour of the day and get their queries resolved.

Make sure that all the details mentioned are active.

Failure to reach you in the hour of the need can be disappointing and your customers would be less interested in your services.

You can also include a live chat feature to eliminate basic customer queries. Besides, you can also share frequently asked questions on your website so that customers have a comprehensive view of your services.

Free Shipping

This is one of the most effective psychological tactics to make consumer decisions easier. A majority of customers are reluctant to spend an add-on amount for shipping and delivery.

Free shipping and delivery can eliminate the dilemma phase and make way for a quick click on the buy now option. It has been observed that customers don’t hesitate to pay a higher price with no additional delivery costs.

Made-to-Order Customer Experience

Your customer wouldn’t be glad if you offered the same service that their friend received. Instead, they would love to receive a service that acknowledges their preferences.

Personalized product recommendations based on search history or location can be an effective way to offer a customized customer experience. It is important to understand customers differently because each one has their preferences.

Such an experience can help you to retain them and you don’t have to struggle to convert them into loyal customers.

Alongside, it is equally important to share timely updates of discounts, sales, and coupons to boost your sales.

It is important to blend the right attributes to stand out of the clutter of eCommerce businesses offering the same services.