Customized Reports to Visualize the Data You Deserve to Know!

Visual Data Reporting Features in AuroCRM

Real-time Statistics

Get help in decision-making with real time business insights

Purchase Funnel

In-depth visualization of the leads ultimately getting converted to deals

Revenue by sources

The CRM will classify the accumulated revenue as per its source

Monitor The Business Health With CRM Reporting Feature

Abandoned Cart Loss Report

  • Total carts abandoned and abandon rate
  • Total revenue loss
  • Top abandon carts; abandon count and revenue loss for each one.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Report

  • Select date range
  • Total cart abandoned in specific date range
  • Cart recovered in that date range

Top Line Statistics

Total order, total products sold, total revenue, total order discounted in percentage, total returned

Orders Over Time Graph

View how many orders you received in current year comparing with last year at the same time in graphical view.

Order Overall Report

Number of orders pending, Revenue generated last month, Loss due to returned products, Highest order placed and Number of issue registered for orders last month.

Value Added Features

Latest Products Sold, Product Ranking by revenue and Compare all stats and Report with previous years and see the result


Sales activity report in CRM provides you a holistic view of all sales activities and your team’s performance. You can track scheduled appointments, closed deals, pending tasks and more. It enables you to make improvements to the process, increase productivity and boost sales.
AuroCRM provides information at your fingertips with interactive and customizable reports. Reports on sales pipeline, sales activity, deals, revenue, and customers provide you with detailed and actionable insights to power decision making and achieve business goals.
AuroCRM is designed to help you make smart, data-driven decisions. Using customized dashboards you can choose the reports or insights you want to see. Whether you want to see customer behavior or track sales activity, you can customize your dashboard to display data relevant to you.
Custom reports in AuroCRM allows you to get tailored reports relevant to your business needs and objectives. It enables you to create fields and groups suited to your unique requirements.
AuroCRM offers several reporting features that enable you to create reports and derive valuable insights. Use features like custom reports, visual reports and customized dashboards to create a variety of reports, analyse and get relevant information.
AuroCRM is an intuitive and insightful CRM system with dynamic reporting ability. It offers features that allow you to extract relevant information in real time. With customized dashboards and real-time statistics, say hello to actionable insights and stay ahead of the curve.
AuroCRM allows you to automate business processes and track progress. With features that let you set goals, assign tasks, add deadlines and more, you can create a project and track progress in real time using reporting and customized dashboards.

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