Keep Tabs on A To Z of Sales Deals

Effortlessly Track and Handle Sales Activities

Schedule Tasks & Events

Instantly add sales activities like follow-ups, meetings, phone calls, and deal deadlines to your calendar.

Keep Tabs on Notes

Easily create notes for every event and tasks, and keep a record of all the data about sales activities at your fingertips!

Set Task Priority

Prioritize your tasks and activities to make sure the entire team is on the same page and understands its importance.

Track Sales Progress

With the sales calendar’s progress bar, you can track the progress of each task or event and accordingly update its status.

Handle Activities

Using AuroCRM’s sales calendar tool, effectively manage all the activities, and coordinate with teams without any trouble.

Share Calendar with Teams

Keep an eagle’s eye on all your sales deals and easily manage all tasks in the pipeline.


Keep an eye on your team

By using AuroCRM’s calendar tool, you can check where the team is spending the majority of its time and accordingly take action to improve your business’s growth and success.

Create timelines to track tasks

Taking the right action and at the right time is extremely crucial to take the deal to the next stage. The calendar board shows all the pending and overdue tasks and activities and allows you to curate a detailed timeline for the same.


Calendar Feature AuroCRM Offers

Sync Calendar with Google

Add your AuroCRM calendar with Google and develop two-way sync between the two to get instant notifications about the latest activities.

Scheduling Appointments

The feature of scheduling appointments on AuroCRM’s calendar enables you to set time slots and share the same online with other teams.

Complete Calendar View

With a smart calendar view, you can easily check the scheduled appointments, pending tasks, and upcoming events under one roof!

Add Recurring Tasks

Set up a monthly or quarterly meeting plan with the team and add recurring activities with reminders to ensure you don’t miss out on important events.

Value-Added Calendar CRM Benefits

Easily plan and streamline your sales tasks

Plan and streamline all your calls, lunches, emails, meetings, contact, and demos in one place. Experience a tailored to-do list and easily sync it with the calendar.


Get reminders and notifications for follow-ups

Receive immediate reminders and alerts for new activities and events and effortlessly delegate tasks to other teams too.


Track events and tasks easily

Simplify your activity tracking by curating a detailed timeline on customer engagement for the sales team.


Streamline sales tasks and events

You can automatically curate sales tasks and delegate them to the team as and when the contacts and deals are created or updated.



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