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Customer 360 Degree View

Get a consolidated view of your entire customer journey with your brand – their first visit, their first purchase, repeat purchases, lifetime value, their interactions with your customer service team, and more. 


Convenient and Secure Access

One less login and password to remember! The ability to use Google Login and Google Authenticator make your sign-in process a lot more convenient and secure.

If your organization is using Google Workspace, your team can use their Google login to access the CRM platform. Simply click on Login with Google.

This is a software-based authenticator by Google that implements two-step verification services using the Time-based One-time Password & HMAC-based One-time Password algorithm.

Omni-channel Communication

Weave all your different communication threads happening over multiple channels – email, text, and voice. Different communication threads, one meaningful conversation, one fruitful relationship.

Communicate with clients using WhatsApp messages. Use media with text for a better customer experience.

Conveniently communicate with clients via text messages from your CRM.

Make calls directly from your CRM, check previous call history, and enjoy the convenience of calls getting automatically logged to records containing matching phone numbers.


Clean and Usable Data

When you are reaching out to your leads and customers, having correct and complete contact information can save you a lot of time. Our email and phone number verificaton add-ons help keep your data clean and ready to use.

Verify the phone numbers of your CRM contacts, and weed out incorrect ones.

Verify your customer email addresses, weed out incorrect emails and cleanse email data before it enters your CRM database.


Seamlessly transfer conversation context to your colleagues, collaborate and pitch in wherever necessary, and keep a tab on team goals and metrics to help you keep getting better as a team.

Easily communicate with teammates in an organized way, without having to switch tabs to a different messaging program.

Track and understand your team’s day-to-day activities. From logins/logouts to updates, get user details and manage your CRM team processes.

Managers and administrators can log in to any of their team members’ CRM accounts and lend a helping hand whenever necessary.


Rich Customer Data

It helps if you can pull relevant customer data into your CRM from external sources, be it your email inbox, Google contacts, or LinkedIn.

Easily add your Linked contacts to CRM (as Contacts or Leads) and Linked In Companies (as Accounts), using our LinkedIn Chrome extension and LinkedIn CRM integration.

Mark an email contact, or use rules to segment your email contacts and automatically add them as leads on your CRM.

Synchronize your Google contacts to the CRM and accessed them from any device. You can also share important contacts with your team.

Lead Conversion


Automatically assign scores to leads based on specific conditions, and focus on leads with a high probability of conversion.

Visualise your sales conversion funnel and filter lead data directly using the convenient list view.


CRM Plugins to Boost Your Productivity

Custom Alerts

Enable or disable CRM alerts and notifications at the module level, so that you can always stay focused on the work at hand.

Google Calendar

Synchronize your CRM calendar, meetings, and activities with your Google Calendar, and never miss an appointment again,

Custom Sidebar

Customize your CRM sidebar section by showcasing your preferred number of records under the Favorites and Recently Viewed sections.


Use the E-Signature Field add-on to authenticate your documents from any module on the CRM platform.

Relate Quick View

Quickly view a record’s details from your list view or detailed view, without having to switch screens.

Business Tags

Apply helpful tags on records, either individually or in bulk, to organise and find important records more easily.

300+ Third Party Add-ons And Counting!

Since Auro CRM is built on Suite CRM, you can also connect to third-party add-ons from the Suite CRM Store

GSuite/ MS Office


Zendesk/ Freshdesk




Kanban Views

Duplicate Cleaner

Workflow Task Engine

Share Search

Simple Timesheet

Dynamic Panels


Email to Customer

Profile Scoring


Webex/ Zoom

Mandrill/ Sendgrid


"Sales automation helped track our sales targets and funnel. We are now able to forecast in a better manner. "

– Madhu Suthan, Manager of Group IT, Bahri & Mazroei Group

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