Are you in search of the best CRM software for your small-medium business? The right CRM software helps you to increase sales, manage leads, manage customer relationships and grow your business.

With the evolving nature of the business, CRM software plays a pivotal role in your success story. Thorough research on different CRM software and their potential in your industry can help you to choose the right software.

But, before you choose the right software you must know what CRM software is.

What is CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management software allows you to provide streamlined customer services throughout your business. This tool also helps you to manage huge customer data seamlessly.

Initially, businesses prefer to maintain contact details of their prospects and customers manually. However, with increasing business activities, an entrepreneur may hire a contact manager to accomplish this task. But, managing the never-ending spreadsheets with simple contact management tools is difficult. Inefficiency and mismanagement in this department can incur a huge loss in potential sales.

On the contrary, the best CRM software helps you to save all aspects of customer relationship into an easily accessible data. This way, your marketing and sales team, and customer support team will always have all the needful data with them.

CRM software gives a boost to your sales, helps build customer relationships and elite customer service. You can provide tailored and efficient services to your customers. However, certain features set a good CRM software apart from the rest.

Discussed here are features of a good CRM software that you must vouch for – 


The modern CRM software comprises several useful features. Based on the nature of your industry and business needs you will have to decide the necessary features that you require in your CRM software. This will help you to decide the right software.

Most businesses prefer CRM software that can work with other apps such as lead generation software, WordPress site, email marketing service, social media platforms, business email service, and more. Remember, that your CRM software must be efficient to support these integrations.

For instance, if you own an online store, then you probably will need your CRM software to integrate with an eCommerce platform. These are some of the basic requirements that you must check before you invest in software. Pricing and the efficiency of the software to add departments, users, and security are some other aspects you must look into. 

Cloud and mobile

Earlier only a few CRM software ran on the cloud. However, today, several CRM software is cloud-based. They are faster, secured, and easy to integrate with other services and apps. Most companies also prefer mobile-friendly CRM as it helps them to increase sales targets. This means that you can also choose a mobile-friendly CRM software. 

Easy to use

Complicated software will hamper the smooth functioning of business operations. You and your team cannot spend on such complicated software as it affects employee productivity and overall business activities. Therefore, choose a CRM software that is easy to use for everyone and helps you to achieve all your business goals. 

Now, that you have a basic understanding of CRM software and its features you can skimp through some of the most preferred software.

We have discussed below some of the renowned CRM software suitable for SMEs – 

Constant Contact

This is a well-known email marketing and CRM software. This software allows you to manage customer information, easily store contacts, send emails and track customer activity right from your dashboard.

You can generate simple reports and also acquire detailed logs for each contact. An effective drag and drop tool to send out emails. You can create sales funnels, schedule emails, and have easy marketing automation. 


This is considered to be the best CRM software for SMEs. If you are in the hunt for a cost-effective CRM software, then this is an optimal choice. You can get free plans for their marketing, CRM, sales, and service hubs.

You can skimp through the details of free HubSpot CRM and enjoy perks of unlimited users, and contacts. You can enjoy advanced benefits by investing in the paid plans.

The best feature of HubSpot is that it’s easy to use. You can easily link your CRM software with sales, marketing, and service hubs. You can efficiently manage the customer journey with the help of their wide array of tools. 


This is yet another well-known eCommerce CRM software that helps you to boost sales. The software has a native interface that is easy to use and effective. This software comprises features such as advanced contact management, marketing automation, actionable reports, email campaigns, eCommerce user tracking, one-on-one conversations and more. 


Freshsales is another CRM software that is suitable for all business sizes. This software has a sales-oriented approach and is backed with tools to optimize your conversions.

A single dashboard gives you access to reports, phone calls, activities, emails, contact management, and users. It has an in-built web-based interface that can be coupled with powerful mobile apps to guide your team and boost sales.

Freshsales uses an AI-powered lead scoring technique that can guide you to prioritize leads that can be converted into sales. Apart from these, it possesses features like actionable insights, custom workflows, visual sales pipelines, event tracking and more. 


This is more often termed as an all-in-one CRM software. The software comprises marketing, sales, contact management and customer service in one control panel. Your sales team can use sales tools such as detailed reports, 360-degree contact view, timeline, project management, calendar, and events. You get access to quick reports which can help you to easily trace business operations.

Final Words

You will have to compare different CRM software based on the features and needs of your business. If possible, acquire in-depth details of the short-listed software and analyze them.

This will help you to select effective and useful CRM software suitable for businesses.