AuroCRM has helped thousands of sales representatives align with their customer expectations from the very beginning, using advanced AI technology and machine learning capabilities.

Auro CRM has emerged victorious in digitally transforming customer relationships, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. It has been instrumental in automating the multiple aspects of sales and marketing processes. E-commerce giants can also participate in their customer’s shopping journey and analyze their online behavior using smart AI tools.

Automation is just one of the core benefits of CRM software for e-commerce. Using AI, sales professionals can optimize their sales strategies and improve their organization’s revenue by 41%. They can target returning customers and attract them further with tailored deals and discount offers. The system can also follow up with customers who have abandoned their shopping carts at the last moment. In the recent past, Brainvire developed a custom CRM solution for a leading dealer of furniture based in the US. This solution boosted the client’s customer engagement rate by 27%.

ntelligent Automation Technology in CRM

Real-time business intelligence is another area where Auro CRM scores well. C-level management and marketing professionals can view crucial data on an intuitive dashboard. This data includes customer lifetime value, buying range (product price range), best customers with the highest revenue, weekly/monthly sales reports, etc. These statistics can automatically be compared with any of the previous year’s reports. Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO-Founder of Brainvire InfoTech, said, “Complementing a CRM software with AI can turn massive volumes of data into actionable insights. It helps you in channelizing your business development efforts towards the right audience, and thus achieve optimal results.”

5 Ways Auro CRM is Changing Customer Relationships Using AI

Auro CRM has helped retailers build trust amongst their end customers while meeting their current expectations. The five ways in which Auro CRM has achieved this feat are as follows:

Virtual Assistant:

Integrating AI into CRM can provide employees with dedicated virtual assistants, and make them more productive. Such virtual assistants can automate customer responses, emails, data capture activities, and follow-ups.

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Improved Segmentation, Lead Customization and Prioritizing Hot Leads:

Intelligent algorithms can segment audiences by gender, location, purchase history, web behavior, and other attributes. It can also analyze past decisions, actions taken and historical patterns available in the database to qualify leads.

Generate leads through CRM

Automate and Improve the Routine Tasks:

The routine tasks can be automated by Auro CRM. An in-built AI engine will handle activities like data input and retrieval, updating forecasts and determining call lists. While performing such actions, it can learn more about customers’ preferences and suggest improvements to the sales representatives.

Customer Service and Retention:

AI can develop comprehensive target profiles. Using these profiles, representatives can personalize customer interactions and improve their efficiency. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction and boost retention rates.

Mentor the Sales team:

Auro CRM can design road-maps for securing leads and closing deals. AI can perform situational analytics by analyzing data, policies, customer account, and profile information. It can coach the team in understanding the customer’s problems and troubleshoot them accordingly.

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