Go digital beyond just a simple signature and modernize your system – this is what businesses are following in this digital era. Printing physical copies of crucial documents and getting it signed by the authority has been done away with.

And, when I am talking about business, then there is no scope to deny the importance of authentication and encryption of digital documents in your company’s sales process!

Keeping the demand and necessity of digital authentication in mind, we have taken a step ahead to enhance the authenticity of digital documents with a unique e-signature plugin suitable for Customer Relationship Management or CRM software based on Suite CRM!

If you are tech savvy, you are aware that CRM manages & organizes customer information, boost up workflow management, productivity and a lot more.


What’s New In This E-signature Plugin?

  • You will get the facility to integrate this plugin with solutions based on Suite CRM.
  • No need to install a third party software or tool to create and validate your digital signature before you make it official.
  • Make the system generated documents authenticated for your customers and company without any extra cost.


What Are The Features?

The e-signature plugin can be integrated with all CRM’s – based on Suite CRM which is an Open source CRM!

Apart from this important feature, have a look at the following list to know what else you will get once you choose this plugin:

  • An intuitive e-signature pad.
  • The signature can be accessed easily from a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Encrypted signature will be stored on the client’s secure server.

         Benefit: No third party involvement!

  • Easy installation process! Also, you will get a user guide to get help in case if you get stuck somewhere.
  • The e-signature will get attached to any document of your choice- Automatically! For example Invoice of any product.


Why Should You Choose An E-signature Plugin For Your CRM?

  • Are you facing issues in security standards for your Digital Document Verification?
  • Do you want your documents to be verified on your server only, instead of 3rd parties?
  • Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the digital agreement processes while meeting the national laws requirements worldwide?

If your answers are ‘YES’ then This plugin will be the best fit for your organization!


We have our own CRM Product- AuroCRM, that follows industry-leading best practices and fully equipped with features like e-signature plugin, tight integration with e-commerce, perfect Sales and Customer Support System. Our main intention is to secure your business data in a cost-effective way. This plugin ensures confidentiality of all transactions.

Apart from that, Auro CRM is also built on top of Suite CRM, hence, it is totally customizable for different verticals & domains.


What Do Auro CRM Users Say About The Product?

One of our clients shares his experience, “The experience with Auro CRM has been amazing and it’s only getting better with time. Our market presence has augmented significantly ever since we started using their product.

Get More Details for AuroCRM

AuroCRM can be customized and deployed according to the business models of the clients. Auro CRM is available for lifetime usage and the CRM product deployment is reasonably priced. Moreover, it is backed up with a FREE 7-day cloud trial! Sounds good?

An interesting fact: This CRM is the world’s first free open source CRM with no fees, no subscriptions, and unlimited user access.

For more information and to schedule a live demo, please visit: https://www.aurocrm.com/