With the Ecommerce industry witnessing an exponential growth over the past few years, CRM systems have endured a progressive transformation.
The majority of CRM providers have acknowledged the inception of the Ecommerce industry as a popular model. They have also started delivering an array of features that are fully customized for Ecommerce businesses. If you are a part of this segment, then this article helps you better understand the role of CRM in your business.

Benefits Of Using CRM For Ecommerce

  • Streamlined & Efficient Business Data

    With CRM solutions, you no longer have to spend your valuable time looking for important documents and contacts. The CRM software offers you an exceptional all-inclusive data management system to keep a record of all your confidential information.

  • In-Depth Forecast & Data Reports

    For an Ecommerce company, determining the efficacy of various business processes is extremely crucial. This is because it helps understand the future goals and automates the budget planning process.
    With a CRM software, businesses can use a collection of easy-to-customize reporting options to identify unproductive and successful actions. These reports also emphasize segments that have to be improved and help boost the ROI levels.

  • Enhanced Email Marketing

    An excellent Ecommerce CRM solution enables you to streamline your email marketing with complete ease. It delivers a tailor-made experience to every user on the basis of their demands and preferences collected earlier. This means, each customer receives a personalized catalog of products they are intrigued about.
    The targeted customers check for products they’re interested in and that determines whether or not they will browse through your listing.
    But such custom-made services have a positive effect on your campaigns and sales, meaning they won’t be overlooked.

  • Improved Customer Engagement

    With the best-in-class CRM solutions, you can use various tools to drive in more customers and improve your web and foot traffic.
    These solutions also offer an extensive range of features. With these facets, you can easily send across notifications regarding various discounts, add new products and services to the listing, offer special coupons and sales catalog to your customer.

  • Detailed Strategy Analysis

    A CRM system offers you a detailed report on your business’s potential leads. It helps you organize your strategies and get an understanding of the product and services that your customers are interested in.
    Ecommerce businesses can also analyze the engagement and marketing campaigns to figure out which one had a bigger impact on the revenue levels of your company. The CRM software also lets you use the analytical data when preparing and executing your new marketing tactics.

Magento Bridge CRM Extension

The perfect solution for Ecommerce stores, our SuiteCRM Magento Bridge enables businesses to integrate and use the facets of Magento with complete ease. It also offers your sales and accounting team a comprehensive overview of all the customers and their orders within your Magento store.

Our Magento Bridge CRM Consists of the Following Modules:

  • Products
  • Lead
  • Quotation
  • Customers
  • Orders

Magento Bridge Supported Models Offered By Us

  • Contact Sync

    The contact sync version of our Magento Bridge CRM enables Ecommerce businesses to easily sync all their customers’ contact within this module.

  • Product Sync

    With this Magento Bridge supported version, you can sync your products and services to the product module and ensure everything is under one roof!

  • Abandoned Cart Sync

    Our abandoned cart sync module is by far the best way to streamline all the processes related to an abandoned cart.

  • Order Sync

    The moment your customers place an order on your Magento store, it is immediately sent to our SuiteCRM. This lets you sync all your orders in real-time. But remember, the current orders do not sync with the software.

Our Magento Bridge CRM Integration

  • Developed a Custom Magento-2 Plugin to use during the integration process
  • Functions to sync products and customers with your Magento store
  • All-inclusive plugin with different product types to develop quotations from the CRM software
  • Features to send emails regarding the quotation to customers along with product information
  • ‘Buy Now’ button for easy order placement
  • Easy registration for new customers
  • Real-time order synchronization with your Magento store
  • Custom order management module with the CRM software
  • Simple order status management
  • Integration of additional modules with your store

Now The Real Question Is,
How Does Magento Bridge CRM Extension Helps Manage Sales & Customers?

There are several reasons why you should choose Magento Bridge CRM extension and some of them are mentioned here.

  • Prevents issues of identical entries of customers, orders, and products
  • Handles the attributes and major categories of your Magento store from SuiteCRM
  • Enhances the operational effectiveness
  • Automates the customers’ orders and updates the status too
  • Creates quotation for Magento abandoned carts
  • Takes orders directly from SuiteCRM

Bottom Line

With our Magento Bridge CRM Extension, Ecommerce businesses can effortlessly streamline all their operations and manage other essential data under one roof!
If you wish to know more about the CRM extensions offered by us, contact our team today!