An increasing number of students are applying for higher education. This makes it imperative for higher education institutions to invest in a customer relationship management system that can help them to retain, lure and serve students in an optimal way.

Students are identical to customers for an education institute. Implementing Customized SugarCRM for Academics will help to acquire an upper-hand in this highly competitive education market. A lot of higher educational institutions still follow traditional practices and are clueless about CRM and its attributes. They don’t have adequate knowledge about the system functions.

Since CRM is vaguely described, many institutions that pay high costs for these systems are usually clueless about what it is.

So what exactly is a CRM system?

A well-designed CRM system helps your institute to build and maintain a good relationship with the outside world. This system allows you to interact with your potential and existing students, teachers, and various other associations. This interaction and budding relationships can lead you to success.

CRM software stores all the necessary details of your prospects and existing students. It also helps you to attract interested students and record issues faced by potential candidates. You can showcase your achievements through this system.

This information is easily accessible to all your employees, and they can interact with the students whenever needed. This accessibility allows for quick collaboration and boosts productivity.

You can easily notice the image of your institute in the minds of the students. This helps you to work on your weaknesses and build your reputation. This eventually increases the number of students.

Small and mid-sized institutions find this system to be highly lucrative. Their small team can bring effective results through this powerful system.

Discussed here are a few ways in which a CRM system can help your institute:

Tracks performance

The system helps the institute to generate reports for tracking the performance of the institute. CRM systems along with additional reports provide students with information on their daily activities, performance, etc. This helps the institute to build student profiles and encourage them to perform.

The performance of the student has a huge influence on the institute’s performance. Hence, it is important to evaluate students to work on their weaknesses. Regular interactions and follow-up sessions with students are the best way to motivate them.

Helps to improve your base

Over the years, CRM systems have had a positive impact. The system has discovered flaws and helped institutes to minimize or eliminate a few of them.

The CRM application helps institutes to improve sales, increase conversion, speed-up decision-making processes, enhance overall productivity, and gain revenue. It also helps firms to acquire customer satisfaction.

You can visualize actual results through this system.

Increased referrals

Good interaction and relationship ensure that your students have an accurate understanding of your institute. This helps you to win more students so that they can recommend your institute to other students. This helps you to win more potential students.

An increased number of satisfied students helps you to gain better credibility and presence in the industry. This motivates you to put additional efforts into your institution and its functioning. This leads to an increasing number of student applications for a particular semester.

However, it is equally important to acknowledge these students and pay due attention to their needs.

Streamline admission process

The institution has to follow several steps to enroll a student – right from the admission process to the fees getting processed, and then finally acquiring the admission.

The CRM system helps you to successfully manage this cycle. The system provides access to the student’s academic details, enrolment details, and other personal documents required on all levels.

This also helps the institute to pick the best students for their institution based on their merit.

The system also allows the automated fee process. Since educational institutions handle a lot of monetary transactions daily, they need a smoother administration process. This system helps you to streamline finances and save a lot of resources.

 Restructure teacher evaluations

Lesser paperwork boosts efficiency and consistency for the professors and other processes. Organize tasks in such a manner that the resources can help teachers find an optimal solution.

A CRM for Higher Education Institutions can help you to streamline this process and reduce paperwork for the teachers.


CRM is a highly integrated and united tool that helps an educational institute to carry out varied tasks rapidly using minimum resources. Basically, it helps you to attain all the institutional goals.

The system benefits educational institutes other businesses alike. It minimizes human efforts, reduces errors in the chain of business, and improves business efficiency.