CRM is an approach or a strategy that assists a company to understand customer behavior, improve customer service relationship, streamline business and increase their sales & profitability by analyzing customer data.

Future of CRM

Mainly sales teams use CRM to get reliable information and achieve sales targets but the marketing teams also use it to create campaigns to target prospective customers and retain existing customers. Right from cross-team collaboration, improved sales metrics, heightened productivity, accurate sales forecasting to improved ROI – CRM is everywhere! And as per a research, CRM is a rapidly growing industry and the revenues are expected to reach over $40 billion in 2018. A study shows that the revenues will probably touch $80 billion by 2025.

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Benefits of Open Source CRM

  • You will get the source code at free of cost.
  • Open-source CRM is customizable with flexible functionalities.
  • No need to worry about the license.
  • Quick response from the active open source community.
  • No need to wait long for updates.
  • Economical and feature-rich options for smaller and big companies as well.

How to Select a CRM that Work for YOU

The challenge is to understand the reason why you prefer one Open source CRM over others for your business.

To help you in this, below are the few facts you can consider before taking a decision –

  • Understand Your Purpose:

 If you are interested to implement open CRM in your business, ask yourself these questions to get a clear view of your purpose.

  1. Do I need CRM for more lead generation or to get better access to deals & contacts?
  2. Will this CRM scale my business operation?
  3. Will this CRM provide out of the box solutions?

Those are some few questions that can help you to get a clear view of your needs. Once you got the purpose, it becomes easy to know how and where you can use the advantages of CRM.

  • Is the Solution Flexible Enough:

The CRM should be flexible enough to modify according to different verticals and needs. If you choose open source CRM, you will get the source code for free which you can modify later as per your needs. Also, a powerful integration system will be an added boost.

  • Suits your Budget:

Price is a factor that you must not neglect especially if you are a startup or you have a small business. The good news is open source solutions are totally free to use! If you hire a developer or an expert vendor then they can do customization for you and will charge only for that, no hidden cost!.

  • How’s the Vendor Support:

An open source solution has multiple vendors, always! And they provide customization support on top of the open solution. Check their capabilities and match up with your requirement. Their past portfolio will definitely help in building a progressive relationship.

  • Flexible in Hosting as well: Is the source cloud-based and accessible to open and run on any server? Well, this question is really important because you may need to run it on your server or even in your premise only! An ideal open source solution will provide you with both the options.
  • Popular Community: Each open source has a community of developers since its an open source, right? In case you have any issues in development you can check out the community forums or even hire developers at lower rates. Although, always hire experienced tech people who can develop the product you want. Compromising on price is only worth it if you are not compromising on the quality and purpose of the product you’re looking for.

In short – if you want to make your business more productive in an efficient way yet within a small budget, then open source CRM is your solution which you must not ignore!

We at AuroCRM understand our client’s business requirements along with the target audience. So we provide a tailored platform for our client and you need to pay only a one-time setup and customization fee. Once the platform is developed, you can use it for unlimited records with no extra charges at all. Sound amazing? Not only that, we can help to secure your data with our cloud-based server until the solution is delivered without any third party involvement! So just grab this opportunity and grow your business with our open-source software now!