If you ask any veteran car salespeople, you would undoubtedly hear a story about the “simpler” days that existed before the internet. Those days, the biggest weapon was the mobile, and a full-page ad on the daily newspaper, which brought in plenty of potential customers. And how did they keep things organized? A calendar, a notepad, and a pen.

Yes, the nostalgia about the “good old days” remains. But honestly, the Internet has allowed dealerships to sell more cars than they ever imagined and develop meaningful customer relationships.

But the dilemma stays. Buying a car is a decision where money needs to be paid upfront. An organization planning to make a sale must first engage the buyer. Automotive CRM helps you establish that trust before your competitors.

What is Automotive CRM?

Automotive CRM is a technology that helps streamline your automotive sales process.

It accomplishes that by increasing your overall operational efficiency and bringing all your teams, processes, and channels together. Automobile CRM helps the company identify and monitor prospects, record their preferences, provide warranty services, and maintain post-sales connections.

To understand further, let’s take a step-by-step approach to the working of the automobile CRM.

CRM for business

Step-Wise Approach to Analysing Automobile Leads

Lead capture: Automotive CRM captures leads from all of your channels. Leads are stored from social media, advertisements, and offline channels.

Lead Tracking: The application tracks each user, their preferences and the amount of time they spend on a specific page.

Lead Segmentation and Distribution: Automotive CRM segments your leads based on the interests of your buyers and their location. It then distributes them to Automobile CRM, which is your sales consultant. Your team gets a notification to follow up.

Lead Scoring and Prioritization: The software will give a lead score based on the behavior of your prospects on the website.

Track Sales Conversation: The software will monitor the entire sales conversation for every lead. A report will be generated. This report serves as a useful guide to analyzing your leads. It discloses exclusive opportunities to connect with your prospects, based on their particular interests.

Track sales conversions

Dynamic forms: Automotive CRM converts lead analysis into a targeted approach with a dynamic approach. The Sales Consultant inputs information in a form when the prospect shares his interests. Only those questions which are formulated for that particular model are visible to him.

Multiple follow-ups: Multiple follow-ups are required for a successful sale. Make sure your team doesn’t miss any lead. It alerts your team with announcements, emails and text messages.

Identify Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities: The Automotive CRM also helps to identify cross-selling and up-selling possibilities after a successful sale.

Unified 360 Degree View: Since all these reports are integrated into Automotive CRM, the entire purchaser journey can be easily tracked. This will help you shape future marketing campaigns that can engage your prospects more effectively.

Now that we’ve looked into the basic functioning of the automobile CRM, let’s dive deep into why how you can boost your dealership sales with CRM.

Benefits of Automobile CRM

No Lead Leakage

You capture a lot of leads from your website, social media, events, and shows.

In the conventional method, the lead is assigned to your showroom at the buyer’s location. The agent checks before assigning, whether the car model is available there or not.

This is a tedious job and there’s always the possibility of human error.

Automotive CRM automatically distributes your leads to various dealerships and showrooms, based on the interests, locations, and several other variables of your prospects.

At the same time, the software creates tasks for your sales advisors. It keeps them informed via text message, email and mobile app. This keeps the team on its toes.

Segmenting and distributing leads intelligently

Segmenting and distributing the leads can be a real challenge. Obviously, all of your leads can’t be engaged with the same selling methods. The Automobile CRM provides relief in handling leads. With its tailored nurturing capabilities, it turns further leads to opportunities. Automotive CRM will distribute leads after segmentation into your sales team.

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Capturing Buyer Interactions

The software tracks every activity and interaction from your prospect. Every communication channel, be it phone calls, text, or email interactions, is tracked. You always know the lead status and conversation.

Customize the qualification criteria for leads and prioritize your tasks

Automotive CRM reviews every lead and assigns a quality score to them. Your sales team will be able to monitor that score and first approach the qualified lead.

Customer bifurcation in CRM

Through an automated priority setting, the sales team’s effort will have a greater conversion probability.

Automotive CRM allows accurate monitoring of field sales

A totally mobile CRM, let’s assume a person has shown interest in a particular model of a car. He wants a trial drive. Your consultant in field sales provides him with a test drive, but the prospect did not buy the car. Why?  Automotive CRM addresses this issue in the most practical possible way.

The salesperson can use their mobile app of the Automotive CRM. They can ensure all inquiries are tracked and recorded.

Boost your dealership sales

Increase chances from cross-sales, upgrades, and service. It is important to repeat sales-they give you high retention rates and CLV. You already know it. Your next-gen automotive CRM would actively identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, and alert your teams to the same.

Automate reminders of the service to clients and consultants

It is important to maintain your buyer’s trust following a successful sale. This enables you to maintain a long-term relationship and therefore, there will be more opportunities to make future sales.

By providing the buyer with vehicle maintenance plans, you will maintain the relationship. Automotive CRM will issue reminders to salespersons to follow up with the buyer.


Every dealership is different. So your requirements will be unique as well. So why let the success of your dealership depend on old-fashioned management techniques? If you make the decision to invest in a CRM system specifically designed for the automotive industry, you will definitely see a positive difference in your team as soon as they adapt to the transition.

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