The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the whole world by storm and has rattled many things. A few months back if you were washing hands to keep dirt off, now you are probably doing it to avoid possible death. Covid-19 is having a momentous effect on many businesses, with some drastically collapsing, some staying afloat and a few booming up.

Technology to help in these hard times

Whatever be the case, the way businesses function now is completely different than before. Businesses are venturing into automation and digitalization in a large number and this is leading to new and unique opportunities for many.

Among this, CRM software is assisting many companies with their operation and boosting up functionality. 

Even with the ongoing pandemic, CRM revenues will exceed more than $80 billion by the year 2050 with its extensive use.

Let’s take a look at what advantages CRM is bringing to the table in these unprecedented times.

  • Elimination of Data loss

Every company deals with tremendous amounts of data. From customer information, sales logs, content generation, etc. All of this data is crucial for the smooth functioning of the business. However, in times like these when employees are distant and communication isn’t thorough, data handling can be affected badly. 

CRM tools are capable of managing and storing the complex amount of data that otherwise could get lost in transition. CRM tools have features that can gather information for an external source and effortlessly redirect it to the system. Through this, no data will be missed and opportunities will not be lost.

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  • Keeping connected 

Work from home is the norm these days, social distancing and avoiding contact is paramount to reduce the spread of the virus. With people located in different geographies, coordination and organization can lose ground fast. 

With a large workforce, different employees will get mixed up with different departments which will decrease overall efficiency. This can also affect connections with customers.

Most of CRM solutions are effective in handling interconnections with users. The data present on the database can be accessed by multiple users at the same. This keeps employees on the same page. To collaborate in other work, the user can access any data with permission. 

Some of the best CRM software provides options like email and chat support to handle customer inquiries and queries. Besides, through CRM, regular reminders, updates, and notifications can be scheduled for everybody.

  • Future-ready

This current situation came in with a surprise and nothing predicted this, therefore many companies didn’t have any backup system in place. The future can be unpredictable and people should be prepared for the best and worst at all times. To investing in new technologies or skills requires a good amount of capital and security and both are hanging by a thread.

CRM is a well-rounded system as a whole, which has helped boost many businesses to better success in the past. These systems incorporate automation in every aspect and hence future scalability is simple. The best CRM software can transform into a better system and incorporate complex tasks with few minor updates or changes to them.

  • Optimization and systematization

Planning in any organization is critical, without a well-formulated plan the entire business can collapse. But with Covid-19 running amuck, planning and strategizing are hard to manage, especially with employees working remotely. However, even with people working from home, there must be a scheduled forecast with timely deliveries and supervision.

CRM software offers features and tools to coordinate tasks to better improve productivity. The automation system in CRM assorts data into the right location with utmost precision. 

The accumulated data through CRM databases can provide insights on how to manage certain functions in the business. It is possible to develop a certain niche area in the company with specific plans devised to enhance them specifically.

  • Costs reduction

The Covid-19 forced a lot of companies to make unfortunate cut downs. This could have been with technologies, employees, or amenities. But even for a company, certain necessary things help to run the core functions of it.

CRM is a cost-effective yet highly resourceful technology. The incorporation of CRM can result in better profits down the line with little investment. 

Data analysis showed that with CRM the average return on investment for every dollar spent was $8.71. 

By this data, it is evident that a simple and effective tool like CRM can garner the best result at lower costs. 

  • Reports and analytics

With the extra time on most companies’ plates, going through records and trying to perfect a business plan is beneficial. But with people scattered around this can prove it be a hard task to pull off. Even if you could manage to accumulate the required data at the right time, certain miscommunication can provide incorrect data. This could end up generating inaccurate reports.

Some of the best CRM software houses data in a single place. This provides more convenient options in tracking and utilizing the data for use. Not only this but with CRM’s automation system, the generation of automatic reports is done in an easy and timely fashion. The analytics and reports are only limited to the previously stored information.



The future is blurry right now. Future predictions are just a shot in the dark. Even though the future is uncertain, the present is very malleable and CRM software is bringing in hope during times like these. They possess immense applications and benefits that are of great use when dealing with processes, not in a conventional way.

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A rugged forecast for 2020 predicts that the global GDP could shrink by a major 5.2%. 

It’s times like these that bring out the best in people. If a company comes out unscathed from this, the rewards will show in the future.