When selling on a virtual platform, the CRM team works as a connecting link or a solution enabler between the buyers and sellers. Whenever a customer is stuck in a situation, the CRM representatives are expected to provide the best solutions.

Even when it is just the first interaction, virtual selling becomes more result-oriented when both parties are on the same page. It is worth understanding that while virtual selling, our content, and conduct are our salesperson. So, right from the sales copy to grievance redressal, the businesses need to stand out in integrity of words, uniformity of brand voice, and attentiveness to the customers’ expectations.

Though the formula for success through virtual selling is quite clearly characterized by the virtues mentioned above, businesses fail to deliver the desired values. This failure occurs due to overlooking some mistakes which otherwise seem completely harmless or inconspicuous.

Let’s understand what those mistakes are and how to correct them.

1. Homework is not considered necessary

‘Oh, I am not meeting anybody in person, so why to prepare?’ This mindset does tend to creep into the sales pitch’s preparation process. And, it is no less than digging your own grave. The virtual sales meetings are as crucial as the in-person ones and need to be handled with complete facts and figures and solutions in hand.

In a typical CRM for sales tool, various crucial informational points are included. A person’s experience with the company, the browser, online buying behavior, response to ads, etc., are essential points one can find in a documented manner in this tool. 

The primary expectation is that the salesperson has done the homework and analyzed all these points thoroughly. If not, the sales pitch will be nothing but beating around the bush.

Solution: The solutions remain clear, concise, and apt; that is, learn everything possible about the target audience before indulging prospective buyers in a sales meeting.

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 2. Talking only from the business’s perspective

If you think that your business strength lies in the numbers achieved, and the sales pitch should comprise only the business’s milestones, you are gravely mistaken. Customers want to know how the business solves people’s problems and intends to carry forth a positive experience.

It is also called one-sided communication. For obvious reasons, it will push the prospective buyers away, and you know who to blame when abandonments grow in no time. 

Many times, business representatives fail to understand a consumer’s perspective. This gap in understanding requires filling to avoid falling flat on the sales pitch.

Solution: Prepare the online meetings in a two-sided manner, giving required due to the consumers’ expectations. There should be more of a conversation rather than a monologue. It helps generate better customer responses and a more loyal customer base in the long run.

3. Focus on immediate lead conversion and failure to establish the relationship

People are surrounded by choices; every business needs to remember that and work accordingly. While preparing for the online selling process, it is crucial to create a comfort level to feel inclined to come back. But, the problem is that the online sales team works just the opposite. They do not devote much time to the sales call and reduce it to explain products or services and processing orders. 

Businesses can achieve sustainable growth only when they have a considerable population at the bottom of the sales funnel. That is people who are convinced to go with your product or service online. So, to get decent numbers at that stage, the process should be slow, appealing, and correctly timed. 

Solution: It is better to keep the relationship management game top-class to ensure that your customers stay with you and make decisions in your favor. Inculcate interest through informative sales copy, do a follow-up to keep the prospective customer engaged, make buying more comfortable, and also add a pinch of urgency. Most importantly, come back to take feedback and encourage opt-ins from the customer.

4. Lacking collaboration

Teamwork is an essential tool to use while serving customers or to pitch them online. The online sales team may look lost or short of solutions when it does not keep the management, customer service, and logistics in the loop.

Several instances happen where the sales team commits something that is nowhere in the business module, and management eventually bears the brunt. If the logistics and services department are not kept informed, the ultimate solution reaching the customer will be all muddled up. 

Solution: It is advisable to be conversant with sophisticated solutions like CRM software for sales. It allows us to keep all contingencies within control as every related entity knows what course of action to follow.

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5. Poor presentation – aesthetic as well as technical

Online selling does call for a high dependence on technology. So, if it is the only means to wield, why not keep it updated? But, this point is missed most often. People continue to struggle with low bandwidth connections, poor mobile phone pictures’ and video calls’ quality, and dismal connectivity. It reflects severely on the business’s image. More importantly, the very purpose of a sales call, that is, to communicate clearly, is completely lost. 

No customer will be willing to put in the money where there is a lack of clarity. 

Secondly, not meeting in person does not equate to no need to dress up. You are a business representative, irrespective of the platform you choose. So, laxity in terms of your presentation is not acceptable.

Solution: Focus on self-grooming skills. Learn how to do quality video conferencing. Understand how to keep video call engaging, well-connected, and fully supportive of the sales call’s objective. You may practice a bit first about being on camera. Further, make it a point to look ‘in control’ and try to make some meaningful movements to avoid stillness. It adds to the credibility and engagement quotient of the online sales call.

To conclude,

Taking online sales calls as sincerely as an in-person meeting is the ultimate solution to avoid many mistakes. The secret to successful online selling lies in being transparent, presentable, and responsive to customer needs.