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Report Features Offered By AuroCRM

Custom Reports

Create tailored and unique CRM fields specifically for your decisions and reports. Break down, create groups and track results, identify bottlenecks, and winning patterns for your agents.

Intuitive Dashboards

With AuroCRM’s visual and interactive dashboard, you can easily keep tabs on the most crucial KPIs and reports all under one roof.

Schedule & Record Goals

You can schedule company-wide, individual, and team-based goals and then record its progress using real-time report metrics offered by AuroCRM’s tailored dashboard.

Visual Reports & In-Depth Insights

AuroCRM provides you with sales reports that display beautiful charts and compact tables enabling you to get an overall analysis of your team’s performance.

Customized Reports With Pipeline Metrics

You can check the number of open and new deals along with its average age and step-by-step conversion all in one place. Simply apply the required filters to any of the reports and check the essential data.

Customized Dashboards

Only see the report metrics that are important. You can curate and customize your sales dashboards to easily track all your goals. You can also check the team’s performance, different winning patterns, and master conversion within the dashboard.

Sales Reports & Insights Simplified!

Additional Reports Features of AuroCRM


  • AuroCRM’s deals report displays the number of opportunities your sales agents have lost or won and the reasons behind it. You can also receive the duration of every sales cycle along with detailed insights to streamline and enhance the sales process.


  • The revenue prediction reports foresee the business growth and turnover and help you identify issues well in advance. These reports also reflect the payments made in multiple installments by your customers for accurate revenue projection.


  • The activity report offered by AuroCRM helps you record all the crucial sales activities such as demos, events, emails, and calls. It enables you to focus on an activity that can be easily controlled to foresee sales.


  • With the leads feature, you can check where the potential leads are coming from and how they can be converted into profitable deals. Communicate with your leads from web forms, chatbots, or other tailored communication channels.

Set A Goal

Setting up goals beforehand makes it easier for you to track and accomplish them in time. You can also add pipelines, expected results, assignees, durations, and intervals to your goals.

Team Objectives

Let your agents know where they need to spend the majority of their time by creating team objectives. You can record their progress in your dashboard and see whether their performance has improved or not.

Benefits of Using Customizable Reports

Open Integration & API

  • Embed your customer and sales data using AuroCRM’s reporting tool to receive joined-up insights and information.

Custom Reports & Fields

  • Gather and analyze the sales information that is related to your business with AuroCRM’s custom reports and fields.

Team Management

  • Create an automated workflow for your sales agent based on their teams and get detailed insights regarding their productivity and performance.

Insightful & Visual Reports

  • Get rid of those outdated and cluttered data reports and use insightful and visually appealing actionable reports offered by AuroCRM.

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